Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My New Toy

I LOVE tech gadgets.  I always want to have the fastest, the best, the newest, etc, etc, etc.  I learned my lesson about that after purchasing my first Dell, but that's another story.  While my newest toy is one of the newest and best, it will be obsolete before I know it--so I will enjoy the hell out of it while I can.  And what is my newest toy?  My HTC Inspire smartphone!

And my feelings about this gorgeous piece of technology?  WOW.  Just WOW.

I have had a cell phone since 1996 and bought a Nokia every time I got a new one.  I LOVE Nokia products, but as phones got to be 'smarter,' Nokia wasn't keeping up--at least in North America.  (They have AMAZING phones that you can get/use in Europe, but for the most part, they are unavailable here.  And if you can get them here, the cost is prohibitive.)  It got to the point where I was using a phone that seemed like it was made for the 20th, not 21st, century.  I was beginning to feel left out when everyone else could surf the net and play games and get all sorts of 'apps' for their phones and my phone did little more than make phone calls.  (Really though, what is a phone for, right?  ;))  But I was jealous and wanted what everyone else had, so I started my research.  My contract wasn't up until August, so I had plenty of time to decide on my next phone.  I searched the interwebs and talked to people.  I read magazine articles and listened to talking heads.  I looked into Blackberry, Windows, AND Android phones.  They all had something to offer, but I liked what Android had the best.  And going with an Android phone meant I was part of the crowd and could have what I envied others having.  ;)  Besides, my carrier had some of the top-rated Android phones there are.  Then I was offered an early upgrade from my carrier and I was off and running.  I picked up my phone last Wednesday and I have been as happy as a pig in mud ever since!

I honestly don't think that the iPhone is better than what I have.  It is different, but I believe they are pretty equivalent.  A lot of people will point out that the iPhone has "SOOOOOOOO many more apps than Android does," but I say "So what?"  Yes, Apple might have 25 'fart' apps and Android only has 15, but I don't want any of them, so it doesn't matter.  With the apps that I CAN get--and I'm not even talking about the ones that ATT won't allow to be side-loaded--I am completely overwhelmed.  So far, I have found everything that I WANT and everything I NEED--and they have ALL been free.  When it comes to the 'free' part, I don't think iPhone owners can say the same--but I will retract that statement if I am misunderstanding something that I read.  With being able to have the apps that I want, I basically carry around a little computer in my pocket whenever I leave the house.  I have my email, my Twitter, my Facebook, my blogs--everything that I used to have to sit in front of the computer to do, I now can do anywhere I go.  And I thought the laptop gave me freedom!

So, for now I am one happy camper--I finally have the phone I should have gotten a long time ago.  I will use this thing to death.  But, I am already beginning to research the next one I buy.  I'm never satisfied, I guess.  ;)


meleah rebeccah said...

"I honestly don't think that the iPhone is better than what I have. It is different, but I believe they are pretty equivalent."

They are VERY similar. I have the iPhone but my best friend Amy The Bartender has YOUR phone. We have a lot of the same apps and capabilities.

I'm glad you're IN LOVE with your new phone! YAY!!

cmk said...

It really is pissy when people fight over who has the 'best' phone, etc. I don't think Apple products are bad, I just have my reasons for not wanting them. However, if we would have gotten a computer when we first thought about it, it would have been an Apple and today I would be an Apple 'fanboy.' It has a lot to do with what you are comfortable/familiar with.

Every day I love my phone more and more--and I am PUMPED that I have 4G!!!! Yes, they REALLY upgraded the service here! This all happened the day I got my phone! :D