Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)

Today, let's play a rousing round of the game I call Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)*  And here we go:


You need to want a good cardio workout...and the first thing you think of is: ROPELESS JUMP ROPE!  Well, maybe not.  Didn't we all jump rope as kids?  And didn't we all use a rope to do so?  Why do we need to go ropeless now?  AND pay $39.95+$9.95 shipping and handling for NOT having a rope to jump with?  The people selling the JumpSnap want you to pay for the privilege of jumping rope WITHOUT the rope.

While a person could possibly get the same kind of usage out of a homemade equivalent of this, I DO see the advantages--after a lot of thought.  See, I am a klutz.  The thoughts of me trying to jump rope these days has visions of extended hospital stays for me going through my mind.  I DO believe I would be someone who could benefit from having one of these--but NOT at the price of $50!

So, Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)


As I have said before, I HATE BRAS!  I would do just about anything to never have to wear one ever again.  Unfortunately, my body will not cooperate in this matter.  (Here is a picture of my body--you decide whether I'm telling the truth, or not.  :))  So, any product that would help me towards my ultimate wish is something I will look at more than once.  BareLifts are supposed to be such a product.  Little, adhesive pieces of whatever that you use to 'lift' your boobs into place.

This product intrigues me.  And for more reasons than the 'not wearing a bra' one.  ANYTHING that will 'lift the girls' and give me a (slightly) more youthful look is something I WANT.  I AM skeptical about whether these would work--especially for someone that is overly large--like me--AND hanging quite low, but I may have to try them.  And considering I can get these on Amazon for less than $5, I just may have to order them.

So, Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)

(I'll let you read the description of this product, yourself.)

I just don't know what to say about this one.  If this 'condition' is such a big problem in your life, I would imagine a visit to the doctor is in order.  I really see no sense in spending $79.95+ (plus shipping and handling) to 'fix' this, when a little bit of courtesy would go a long way toward making everyone happy.

So, Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)


Wow.  Just wow.  Is this something that is needed?  Or am I too old to see the benefit of this product?  My feeling:  If you are having a problem with camel toe, start wearing clothes that are the correct size/fit properly!  The rare times this problem comes into play for me, are when I'm wearing clothes that are too tight or ill fitting.  Am I right?  For me, DEFINITELY not worth $16.95+$7.95 shipping and handling.

So, Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)

And that's the end of today's game.   Thank you for playing along and hope you come back the next time we play GOOD IDEA, OR BAD?(tm)

*I've decided to try and trademark this game--maybe this will be my way of making millions of dollars.  :D



cardiogirl said...

Oh my gawd. There is almost too much to comment on. Never heard of the jumpsnap but I love, love, LOVE the part of the infomercial where people get pissed off trying to jump rope.

Oh my, the better marriage blanket? I love that the blanket contains "the same type of fabric used by the MILITARY to protect against CHEMICAL WEAPONS!"

meleah rebeccah said...

The no rope jump robe = FAIL.

BARELIFTS = awesome.

Im not married, so I have NO use for that blanket!

CUCHINI = um. No. Like you said, people should just buy clothes that fit properly!

cmk said...

cardiogirl: Yeah, the reactions to not being able to manipulate a fricking jump rope is great. I, too, couldn't get over the line about the military--almost would make it worthwhile to buy. :D

meleah: Do you know about BARELIFTS personally? And DO they work?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I know that if I used that camel toe thing, it would slip out in public. I'd have to pick it up while people were wondering, "what the hell is THAT? and why does she have it in her pants??".

I have to say that my no-bra problem is not so much the sagging, but I hate my nipples showing. I should get some of those stick-on nipple covers Cuchini was pushing along with the camel toe covers.

What in heck are those balls on that no-rope jump rope? I would put an eye out (or both) with those. It's cheaper (and safer) to hold onto a couple of pencils and pretend you're jumping rope. I love how you said you envision hospitalization if you tried jumping rope at your age-me too!

That blanket...oh, boy. I can see some guy saying, "Cool! Now I can eat all the burritos I want right before bedtime!".

I hope you have another edition of GIOB soon!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I thought those Jump Snap things were some kind of sex toy before I read the caption.

cmk said...

Oh, Janet--I am laughing so hard right now! I can't even point out one or two things that you said that made me laugh the most--your comment was priceless. BUT the best was you saying you thought the JumpSnap was a sex toy!!!! Yeah, I always talk about sex toys. :D (Although, I DID mention the sex swing way back when...)

meleah rebeccah said...

I do not. But, I definitely want to try them out!

cmk said...

Believe me, if I actually try them, I WILL post all about the experience. :D