Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look In A Mirror!!

I have said before that I have the body of a goddess--unfortunately, it is a fertility goddess, like the one there-----> ;)

I suffer from no illusions--I KNOW my body isn't what it once was, but whose is? Age, two pregnancies, breast-feeding two kids, a hysterectomy, thyroid problems, stress eating, boredom eating, being sedentary, and genetics have all taken their toll on me. I could have a better body if I tried, but I haven't. What I look like is mostly my own fault and I don't try to fool myself into thinking it is anything BUT my own fault.

All that being said, when I leave the house, I try to fix myself up to the point where I won't scare small children who might come in contact with me. I do an okay job of cleaning up, I guess. At least MOST kids don't run screaming when they see me. That's a positive. I check myself out in the mirror before I leave the house just to make sure everything is in place as it should be. Unfortunately, all people don't do the same.

Tuesday evening, K and I went to our neighborhood pub to have something to eat and play a little trivia. Things were going well--we were getting our usual number of questions correct (which means we weren't going to win a thing ;)), I was enjoying my stingers and the nachos we ordered, and between questions we were watching the Tigers beat the Mariners. As I said, things were going well. And then I saw it. THE woman. Wow. She was a few years older than me and was dressed well enough. The problem was, she forgot to put a bra on before she left home. Now, MY boobs hang low, but this woman was something else. I SWEAR her nipples and navel were having a three-way conversation! And to top it all off, the only person I had to talk to about this, was my husband. Who didn't see a damn thing! Where, oh where, is my youngest when I need her? She is the ONLY one that could appreciate this situation with me. Anyway, that was something that I will not forget seeing for a long, long time. And I really wish I could.


meleah rebeccah said...

I would have never been able to keep a straight face if I was with you and saw the bra-less wonder!

cmk said...

THANK GOODNESS she went into the smoke-free room--otherwise, no straight face whatsoever!!!