Saturday, July 04, 2009

One For 'Not Always Right'

I am a big fan of the website Not Always Right, so when I get an example from one of my own kids, I'm delighted!

On Thursday, The Youngest answered a phone call at the animal clinic where she works. The client wanted to make an appointment for her dog and Youngest set the time as 2:15 PM on Friday. Friday morning, Youngest had this phone conversation:

Youngest: ******** Animal Clinic. How may I help you?

Client: I am calling to find out if you are open this afternoon. My dog has a 2:15 appointment and I just wanted to be sure you all will be there.

Youngest: *?*

And she said this was quite a typical phone call. :D


Ranger Tom said...

Peeople are just stupid.

cmk said...

And in her job, The Youngest meets them on a regular basis.

meleah rebeccah said...

Stupid People never cease to amaze me!

cmk said...

I would love to know what goes on in people's minds. But then, I might catch the 'stupid.' ;)