Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've seen some pure awesomeness online this past week--and here are the links.


--3-D Murals. I can't tell what is real and what is a painting in some of these pictures. Unbelievably amazing! If you like the pic shown, go here to see more.

The ENTIRE side of this building is a mural--including the person shown. What a talent this artist is!


--Creative grave markers. Okay, so you die and get buried. Usually, a headstone is placed on the grave so that your family can find you again. Not often do you actually find a headstone that is very interesting--until you find one of these.

I DO like the one that says: I told you I was sick! ;)


--Simon's Cat. Anyone who has EVER been owned by a cat, will be able to appreciate these videos. Here is one of my favorites.



leazwell said...

Those artists are AMAZING! Someone once e-mailed me pictures of an artist who painted on sidewalks. Unbelievable.

Cats rule.

cmk said...

I've seen pics of the sidewalk art, but these murals are even a step above those, I think! Both, however, are not to be believed.

And yes, cats rule. Was there any doubt? ;)

leazwell said...

Yes these have the edge, I would love to see one in the real.

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy! I am flipping out over the 3-D Murals!!

cmk said...

DEFINITELY would love to see these in person!

ordinaryjanet said...

Love the cat and fly cartoon!

cmk said...

You just KNOW the guy who did it has owned cats for a long time. :)