Sunday, July 26, 2009


For the last couple of days it has been a bit on the cool side. We're talking around 70 degrees or less. YAY!!! However, the humidity has been in the 4962% range. BOO!!! We are experiencing cool, damp conditions--DUH!!!--and it is getting a bit old. EVERYTHING is wilted and clammy--including me. The humidity in our bedroom is over 75% and I'm afraid I'm going to start seeing moss growing on the walls one of these days. Uncomfortable doesn't quite cover the way things are.


Early Saturday morning there was an apartment fire 'back home.' Four people were killed. Arson is suspected.

I hope the person who did this is caught and strung up by the balls. Out in the middle of the woods. Where the mosquitoes, black flies, coyotes, bears, and other wildlife live. Till he screams for mercy. And no one listens.


The Youngest--my animal lover--has a sick cat. He is one of her oldest and will undergo tests--including an ultrasound--tomorrow. She is just devastated. I feel so terribly useless. I wish I could help her. :(


Our local Junior A hockey team has set its roster and put out the schedule for this year. Seven of last year's players are off to college, so there will be a very different look to the team. The team seemed to be in some trouble--financially--but is still here for the year. They did so much better last season and hopefully will do better this year. It is very good for the area and local hockey to have a Junior team here.

Once again, there will be a 'Paint The Rink Pink' game for breast cancer awareness. I want to attend, as we did last year. I'm hoping that this year they will have a teddy bear toss again. I was sick all of December, so wasn't able to go last year. I have two bears to contribute, so really SHOULD get there. The season starts on 25 September, so I only have two months before hockey begins!!!


Celebrity sightings!!

Apolo Anton Ohlo and Mark Spitz have been seen in our town recently. But NOT by me. :)

Our local university is an Olympics training center, so people come here to train or tryout for Olympic teams. The speed-skating training was held here earlier this month and the trials will be here in September. Apolo Anton Ohno was one of the skaters here. He has won five medals in previous Olympics.

Every year there is a charity swim for diabetes that takes place on one of our local lakes. This year, Mark Spitz came here for the event. (NOT to swim, just to speak.) He was a winner of nine gold medals in the Olympics. Before Phelps won HIS medals, Spitz had the most gold won in a single Olympics. He won 7 in 1972.

WOW!! We are getting to be a hot-bed of celebrity activity around here. ;)


meleah rebeccah said...

I hate the humidity too. And I sure do hope the sick cat gets better soon!

cmk said...

STILL haven't heard about the cat and I hate to call in case she doesn't want to talk. Will give an update whenever.