Sunday, July 19, 2009

And Now I'm Titled

If you haven't read Meleah's blog yet, you should find the time to do so. She is a funny, wonderful lady who I have gotten to be friends with through our respective blogs. With all that she has had to go through, she is an inspiration with the way she keeps her sense of humor. Anyway, she has a lot of good stuff over at her blog and you will be glad to know her.

You know how people will give others nicknames? Well, Meleah gives people 'titles'--long, descriptive, unwieldy paragraphs that are 'spot on' when it comes to showing what said person is all about. She honored me by giving me a title. Here it is. (All pictures, graphics, and red colored words are MINE--NOT part of the title.)

A woman Whose Hockey Obsession Stretches Far Beyond Unhealthy,

And Lives For The Red Wings,

And Has A Totally Super Inappropriate Crush On A Particular Hockey Player That Happens To Be Younger Than Her Youngest Child [Who She Often Refers To As Her 'Baby Boy'--The Hockey Player, Not Her Child.] (He is just TOO adorable for words! And he can play hockey well, too.)

And Suffers Serious Hockey Withdrawal During The 'Off Season' Depressed And Literally Counts The Days Until The New Season Starts, (check out the side ----->)

Who Answers To The Initials CMK,

And Writes The Blog: Out Of My Mind, (AND Out Of My Mind Over Hockey :)) Which Includes The Funniest 'Police Logs' In The History Of The World,

Who Is Positive She Would Get A Divorce If They Ever Tried To Build A House, (Facebook update)

And If She Ever Moved Would Take Her Toilet Bowl With Her,

Who Is Not A Big Fan Of 'Hall And Oates' Unless They Are Coupled With A 'Keyboard Cat,'

And Could Only Handle Watching Five Minutes Of Jon & Kate,

Who Has Issues With Chipmunks,

And Loves The Show Eureka on The Sci-fi Channel (NOW known as Syfy. {gag}) Because It's Smart And Funny, Made For Geeks And Non-Geeks Alike,

Who Prefers Toaster Strudel Over Pop-Tarts,

Who Enjoys The Security Of Onstar,

And Has A Crush On Michael Westen. (From the series Burn Notice on the USA network.)

Otherwise Known As Christine.

I laughed till I cried when I read this! Thank you, thank you, thank you Meleah. Love you, my dear! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


meleah rebeccah said...

Yes! Yes! YES! I love it.

I love how you added all the photos and links!

And I laughed my face off while making your title. It made me realize how well I really DO you know and how much I truly VALUE our friendship.

You are the best!
Love you!

cmk said...

This was SO MUCH FUN!!! And it gave me a reason to bring out the REALLY GREAT PICTURE of my Baby Boy, again. ;) (Right now, it is the background pic on my cell phone. I guess I'm moving from 'inappropriate crush' into 'stalker' territory. =0)