Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Being a Non-Luddite

Damn You Autocorrect! is one of those sites that can suck you in and cause you to waste far too much time.  There have been times when I wondered if people just made things up for the humor, but I have to say, after spending time with the autocorrect feature on MY phone, that I believe most of them are real.

The Youngest and I text each other almost daily.  While I would much rather talk to someone, she is more comfortable texting--probably so that she can have numerous conversations going on at once.  The other day my autocorrect brought me a couple of chuckles.  First, I was complaining about the weather--what else is new--and texted how "I'm not a happy camper!"  Of course, my phone changed it and it became "I'm not a happy computer!"  Then later in the conversation, she said something I found amusing, so I texted "Hahahahahahahahahaha."  My phone corrected it to say "Guadalajara."  THAT one I found laugh-out-loud funny.

Even though the autocorrect on my phone makes 'mistakes,' I am amazed at how intuitive it really is.  Sometimes I think the phone could write my text messages without any input from me.  The thing that I'm enjoying most about the texting feature on my phone is the program/app that I'm using for my keyboard.  I'm using Swype and it is unbelievable!  Gone are the days of 'hunt and peck' typing--all you need do is slide your finger across the letters and the word you want typed comes up almost magically.  I never would have thought that this would work, but it does.  When I first got my phone, AT&T blocked third-party apps, so I wasn't able to get Swype, but as soon as it was available, I downloaded it.  Now I don't know what I would do without it.  Technology STILL amazes me after all these years--and I'm definitely NOT a Luddite, as are far too many of my generation.  It's great to embrace and learn new things.

*Yes, I'm back.  Actually--other than the few days we were out of town--I have not been away, just too lazy to post.  I will be writing about our recent trip within the next day or two, hopefully.  I MUST get out of this non-posting rut that I'm in!*


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you were goofing off instead of posting!

I'm a semi-Luddite, and I have to say that sometimes technology frightens me. I may have watched too many sci-fi films. ;-)

cmk said...

I don't know--things have been a bit out of the ordinary around here. I'm not used to being so busy. I had a day at the hospital with my SIL, then appointments (hair, nails, etc) to get ready to leave town, we were gone for a few days, and now The Oldest is coming for a couple of days and we have a day-run on Saturday... Well, let's just say I've been busy and it has completely thrown me for a loop. ;)

The way I hate changes, you would think I am a Luddite. I think because I embraced the computer technology early on might be why I love it so much. I was embarrassed a couple of times by my lack of knowledge, so I vowed to learn all I could. Sadly, the rate of change has been so fast that I no longer am up on all the newest things--I think I have fallen back into the 'normal' range of knowing what's going on. This is quite a change from a few years ago when I could have built my own computer with much joy and confidence.

If you want to be frightened by technology, read 'Robocopalypse'--now THAT will scare ANYONE! ;)