Saturday, July 02, 2011


Why is it so wrong to accept the status quo?  Why do we INSIST that things have to change?  I know that 'change is inevitable,' but why can't we leave some things alone and be happy?  As a species, we really are strange.


Anonymous said...

oh, don't get me started on this! I just started a discussion with a friend, I said I thought that everyone should be happy to stay within their own country (like if each country closed its borders),and the ones with wars should either learn to get along or wipe each other out-don't involve other countries' troops- and we'd all have to learn to like what we can grow to eat, and if we can't get gas, learn to ride horses or bicycles, etc. That way, if everyone stays put, maybe the world would be more peaceful, but I think that eventually, some jealous or desperate people would invade another country, so we're right back where we started.

This might not be what you were thinking of, but it made me think of my discussion.

cmk said...

This post could go in so many different directions...

Everything is moving along so fast, that no one has a chance to get used to something 'new' before another huge change comes along. Example: We were just getting used to the fact that people actually would protest a war (Vietnam) and question our government and then women's lib came along--another big change. Abortion, civil rights, single parenthood, etc--you get my drift. So much has changed in the last 100 years--not to mentioned the HUGE changes in the last 50--that we as a society can't get our minds around them and that is causing more problems than the changes have 'fixed.' I don't think humans were meant to 'evolve' this fast.