Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obsessions and a Master Race

I don't understand the obsession so many of my generation have for WWII.  It was a war, it was history, but it WAS before our time--get over it!  K is one of the obsessed.  Whenever he is channel-surfing--ALL the time, by the way--if he comes to anything to do with WWII, he has to stop and watch it.  It doesn't matter if it is a movie, mini-series, documentary, or propaganda film, he HAS to watch it because it deals with WWII.  It completely baffles me.

Today I was dusting in the living room and caught a bit of the program--a WWII documentary--that K had on.  It was all about the Nazis wanting to build a master race and the steps they went through to achieve their objective.  Of course, the WAY the Nazis went about this was very, very horrifying, but it got me thinking:  What if, at some point in time, humans decided to help evolution along and try to breed the best and the brightest that could be.  If race and ethnicity had been taken out of the equation, would people have objected so much to trying to build a better race of humans?  Is it possible that this could have been achieved, or would those that weren't 'good' enough rebel?  Quite an intriguing thing to think about, right?


Anonymous said...

wasn't there a movie about something like this, with Uma Thurman? I'm too lazy to look it up. But the guy was one of the "undesirables" who masqueraded as a desirable, or something.

I've wondered the same thing, especially when I see a news item about parents fighting to keep alive a child with horrible birth defects, even though the child's life will be very short and likely painful.

cmk said...

Not sure about the movie, but there probably was one. Frankly, I don't know an idea that there HASN'T been a movie about. ;)

It really seems as if trying for 'the perfect humans' would have been a lot further along if the Nazis hadn't been what they were. We DO hear rumblings of people trying for their 'perfect' baby in different ways--whether through selective abortion or using different herbs, etc, to 'guarantee' a boy over a girl-child--but I really think 'designing' your child is still a few years in the future. But it WILL happen at some time.

Anonymous said...

found it-"Gattaca"

Oh, I think designer kids are already being created. I think it's an awful lot of trouble to go through, but if it means that much to people, they're welcome to spend their life savings on it.

cmk said...

Never saw 'Gattaca'--I do see it's on TV every so often and now I'll have to try and catch it the next time it's on.

You are right, they ARE doing designer kids today and it still is controversial--just think it would have been further along if not for WWII. But this is just another way that people show how unsatisfied they are with 'nature' and the possibilities of things not being exactly the way they planned. Sometimes I think we have a generation of totally spoiled people and this will be the downfall of this country.