Monday, September 26, 2011

Men Are Perplexing

It is obvious that God, after he made Man, saw that he could do a bit better--and then he decided to create Woman.  And just so we wouldn't get too full of ourselves, he made sure that we would NEVER understand men and why they do the things they do.  I was confronted with this, yet again.

The new TV season has just begun.  This means that there are new shows being aired for the first time and there are new episodes of returning programs.  Also, football season is underway, so that means anyone can watch a game at any time of the day or night for the next few months.  And to top it all off, the comedian Jeff Dunham--who is probably The Husband's favorite--had his newest special air on Comedy Central last night.  My husband, who I don't understand at all, watched none of these.  Instead, he watched, for the 3,462 time, a rerun of Lord of the Rings.  On network TV.  With commercials and edits.

So, why should this bother me?  It bothers me because we own the entire Lord of the Rings collection.  Actually, we own TWO SETS of the Lord of the Rings.  Instead of getting up from the couch, going to the DVD shelf, taking a DVD and putting it in the player, and watching it in all of its uninterrupted glory, my husband watched it on network TV.  And he didn't even watch it in high definition!

I will never understand men.


Momma Gone Crazy said...

LOL! Sounds like something my Hubby would do, too!

Jeff Dunham tops the list in my house as well. Achmed is hysterical!

meleah rebeccah said...

Okay, that seriously does NOT make any sense! Why watch a movie with commercials, when you own it? And when there were so many OTHER options? Ahahhahahaahha

Anonymous said...


cmk said...

And the other thing that he does that drives me even crazier is the WAY he watches movies. First, he works different shifts, so his schedule is nutso. Second, he is the ultimate channel surfer. And third, we have almost every movie channel that our cable system offers. While surfing, if a movie looks interesting to K, he will start watching it. It doesn't matter WHERE in the movie he comes in, he'll watch it. Then he will stop watching so he can go to sleep--and catch the rest of the movie another time. And it can take him numerous sessions to see the entire movie. Here is a typical movie viewing for him: Day one, watch the middle third of a movie. Three days later, watch the first half of the movie. Two days after this, watch the last third of the movie. And the sequence changes with almost every movie he watches. Sometimes it will be the end of a movie, followed by the middle, ending up with the beginning. It is extremely rare that he will watch something from start to finish in the order it is meant to be seen. This, to me, is like reading the ending of a book (especially a mystery) and then starting from the beginning even though you know whodunnit. I don't know if this a sign of a really good, intelligent mind able to keep things sorted, or someone who needs serious help. ;D

Anonymous said...

Maybe his mind blew a fuse because of all that was offered-brand-new shows, the comedian, and football. He couldn't decide, so he settled for the safe, tried-and-true, even if it had commercials.

You do know that men complain they'll never understand women, don't you? This is all part of the plot to keep the opposite sex off balance. ;-)

cmk said...

"You do know that men complain they'll never understand women, don't you?"

That's what makes the world go round! :D