Saturday, September 24, 2011

Overly Critical, I Suppose

The FLOTUS decided her cause for the duration of Barack's reign is childhood obesity.  One of the things that went into effect because of her is the new 'food pyramid,' or "MyPlate."  While I don't get why this cost so much money to put into effect--somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million--there are a lot of people who like the change.  (I think it was a waste of money, but that is for another time.)  Along with MyPlate, there is a campaign going on called Let's Move!  This is an attempt to get children to be more physical in order to burn more calories.  Not a bad idea, as even I will admit that kids just don't burn off the calories like they used to.  While I don't agree that there has to be a campaign for this, some people do.  As far as I'm concerned, parents should just turn off the TVs, computers, DVD players, etc, and kick the kids outside for some 'play time.'  That, after all, was what we did.  And very rarely did you ever see obese kids--even though there WERE a few that enjoyed a bit too many sweets and were, at the most, 'pudgy.'  I think most of us found the pounds creeping on when we got a bit older and lost that 'play time'--you know, around the time we figured we were 'too cool' to run around outside like the kids we were.  ;)  It seems a shame that so much taxpayer money has to be spent on such things that are common sense, but I guess there is much more frivolous waste of money than this.

As part of the Let's Move! campaign, several PSAs have been filmed and are being shown on TV.  One of them bothers me--A LOT.

Okay, so I understand what they were trying for here, but it just seems like classic bullying behavior on the mother's part--you know, the kind of stuff that comes out of sibling interaction.  This is the exact kind of thing I did to The Brother when he was young--as I'm sure most of us did to younger siblings.  This video just left a really bad taste in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean. That's more like playing mind games than encouraging activity. I haven't seen that commercial or come to think of it, any of the Let's Move commercials.

It would be better to show the mom getting involved with kids' activities-like shooting hoops with the kids, etc. But I can see how a mom, after working an 8-hour day, fighting traffic and still having to make dinner, do laundry, etc. might not have a lot of energy left over for physical games with the kids.

cmk said...

Like I said, this just seems like something a kid would do to a younger sibling--NOT what I want to see from a parent.

I don't know about others, but I don't remember doing things with The Parents other than dinner every evening and the Sunday drive. We were expected to entertain ourselves--preferably outside of the house. And I think this was a very good thing--I really don't think it was our parents' job to keep us entertained at all times. We learned a lot more about self-reliance and creativity--and being 'bored' was even a good thing for us. Today, more than ever, I think kids should be expected to entertain themselves--other than with electronics. As you said, a woman coming home from an 8-hour day just doesn't have the 'gas' left in the tank for being too physical.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what happened to America, that people are afraid to let their kids outside to play? is it fear of stranger abductions, fear of drug pushers? Nobody knows their neighbors anymore, people move so often. People are amazed when I tell them how long my family's had this house, it's not as if it was passed down through generations,but for over 50 years, so that must be unusual these days when people move house like they trade in cars. My niece has been married 11 years and they're in their third house.

cmk said...

I KNOW! Friends of ours have been married less than 25 years and have had three houses, a summer camp/home and a condo in Florida. All I have ever wanted was to fix this place up or build a new house in this same spot--I have no desire to move. (We've been here for 35+ years.)

A lot of people--our friends included--kept 'upgrading' their homes as investments. And our friends are really feeling the bad economy now, as they are trying to sell their house and summer place and can't come anywhere near the price they want to get for them. No matter WHAT we could sell this place for, we would be far ahead of what we paid for it. I guess we will never have to worry about 'buyer's remorse' when it came to this house. :D

meleah rebeccah said...

"As far as I'm concerned, parents should just turn off the TVs, computers, DVD players, etc, and kick the kids outside for some play time."

I agree with you 100%!

cmk said...

I remember coming in from outside, hot and sweaty in the summer and cold and frozen in the winter. I also remember walking into the house and having The Mother say, "Get back outside, you weren't out long enough." It certainly is a different world.

Anonymous said...

Those were the days! There wasn't Polartec yet so my mittens would get sopping wet in minutes, my mom would make me come in so she could check for frostbite and give me dry mittens. She'd make me come in when she thought I'd been out long enough in the snow. It was never "long enough" for me. Then again, I didn't have to drive in the stuff! ;-)

I think we were lucky to have so much freedom. We'd stay out till long after dark on summer nights. I can't imagine that happening now-unless it's neglectful moms who don't give a damn where their kids are and whether or not they come home.