Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Like Being A 'Hick'

Many people consider those of us who live here in the UP of Michigan to be unsophisticated hicks. The UP is considered backwoods and not worth nearly as much as big cities are. It's really funny because the people who feel this way the most are those who lived here and have now moved away or the CHILDREN of those who have moved away. Sometimes I think they are just jealous of those of us who stayed here instead of leaving for the 'bright lights, big city' and are comfortable and happy with our laid back, more simple lifestyle. There HAS to be an explanation because we hear the derogatory, mean remarks over and over again. Of course, these are the same people who have to tell EVERYONE about what a great place the UP is to vacation--but other than that, it isn't worth even thinking about. It used to bother me to hear the remarks, but no longer. THEY aren't worth ME thinking about.

I must admit--because it is true--that we don't have the same sort of things that the big cities have. We don't have big symphony orchestras or operas or museums. We DO have the National Ski Hall of Fame/Museum and our little city orchestra. Our local university has quite a theater program and they put on a lot of productions for the local community. We don't have a zoo, but we don't need one--the entire UP is a wildlife preserve and we can see animals most any time of the day or not, and in their natural habitat. We don't have freeways, but we also don't have rush hour traffic or grid lock. The hospital is probably the tallest building we have at about eight stories--well, unless you count the smoke-stacks on the power plants. Some of the university buildings might be taller than the hospital, but not by much. You can still go and be by yourself here--actually, you could get lost and have your bones not be found for years. ;)

For a while now, I have posted some of the funniest items found in our police log from the local newspaper. Strange, strange things do go on, but for the most part, we seem to be a step behind time. And this makes the UP one of the best places to raise kids--we just DON'T have the same problems as urban areas do. Don't get me wrong, we aren't paradise--far from it. We have problems of varying degrees, even though they may be 'minor' and 'petty' compared to big city ones. As much as some people can't do enough to run away from here, there are many people who look at the lifestyle and smallness of the communities and run HERE just as fast; e.g., doctors, university professors, etc.

To show what life is like here, I will now post the police log--in its entirety--for Friday and Saturday (early morning)--of this past weekend.


--8:01 AM, found bicycle
--8:05 AM, parking complaint
--8:20 AM, warrant arrest of subject wanted by another agency
--9:12 AM, tenants left garbage and vehicle in lot
--10:06 AM, lost keys, reported at police station
--12:00 PM, traffic assistance
--12:13 PM, lockout assistance
--12:22 PM, disgruntled customer
--12:30 PM, improper registration
--12:53 PM, vehicle lockout assistance
--1:09 PM, larceny
--4:30 PM, lost keys reported at police station
--4:33 PM, personal injury accident
--5:44 PM, possible finding of stolen bike
--7:35 PM, property damage accident
--7:45 PM, found checkbook, brought to police department


--12:12 AM, alarm
--12:25 AM, open door
--12:39 AM, minor in possession
--12:49 AM, loud subjects
--12:44 AM, vehicle blocking driveway
--1:21, AM, hit-and-run property damage accident
--1:55 AM, minor in possession
--2:06 AM, malicious destruction of property complaint

Quite dull and boring, hey? How many places in the US could go half the weekend without a murder--or at least a shooting? While we may not be Mayberry, USA, we do seem to be closer to it than many other areas are. And I'm fine with that. Dull and boring suits me well.


meleah rebeccah said...

I have always wanted to live a more simple quiet life, but I fear that I would get bored to quickly!

cmk said...

Right now it's not so much that I am bored, it's more that I am in a rut. Just don't do all that much--which isn't good, either. ;)

kristi noser said...

sounds kinda like where we live; just a shorter drive to the city.

cmk said...