Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Stuff Happening

Lesson learned: Going to bed at 10:30 PM causes one to wake up for the day at 4:30 AM.


Tomorrow I have one of my regular appointments with my internist, so that meant a blood-letting. My doctor has recently moved to another practice, so I have had to get used to a whole bunch of new people. I HATE instructing these individuals on how to take care of me, but I'm old enough to know what I want and how it is to be.

I am having problems with one of the lab techs at this office. Yesterday was the second time I have had to have blood drawn by her and I was really hoping I would have had one of the guys instead. The last time she did the draw, I told her to use a butterfly, as every lab tech has done for the last 15-20 years for me. I also pointed out the vein that has been used for the same amount of time--it is the one that works every time a draw is done. (My veins are so bad that you'd think I took the 'sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll' anthem of my youth literally.) Reluctantly, she used a butterfly, but gave some convoluted excuse to hunt for another vein--which she used. Things went fine and I was okay with that. Yesterday, however, she refused to use a butterfly and gave the same half-assed excuse (something about the blood coming too slowly and the sample being unusable) that she did the last time. Instead, she 'wanted to try' with a needle. I was NOT a happy camper. She was lucky that the vein was hit the first time she tried AND that she didn't hurt me.

I don't understand what is with this woman. I'm wondering if it is an ego thing with her or if she just doesn't want to be told what to do by a non-professional. No one else has ever had a problem using a butterfly OR using the vein that is closest to the surface. I have never needed to go back and have a new sample taken because one was unusable. The first time a blood draw is botched will be the day everyone in that office finds out exactly who I am. And no one will ever forget me, that's for sure.


A guy came to the door yesterday and said our street will be paved today. Finally. A job that was to take three weeks is now in its fourth month. But then they WERE right--the job HAS taken only three weeks, they just haven't been consecutive weeks.


meleah rebeccah said...

I absolutely LOATHE having my blood taken! I feel your pain!

cmk said...

It wasn't TOO bad when I knew what to expect, but this woman has changed all that! GRRRRR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My doctor apparently was absent when they taught how to draw blood. She will move the needle around in there looking to hit a vein. I was sooo grateful when she let me go to a lab to get blood drawn-it was a breeze.

My mom sometimes needs a butterfly needle, and the doctor made a mess of it last time-blood on the floor and on the doctor's pants. Good thing I don't faint, because otherwise I'd be on the floor every time my doctor draws blood.

cmk said...

Even though I have some issues with the tech in the new lab, I'm very grateful that I am able to have blood drawn at the dr's office lab--just as I was able to with his last office. I always had problems with the people who drew blood at the hospital labs. {shudder}

I once had a tech go at me with a needle and miss veins three different times--twice in one arm and once in the other. She finally got someone else to do the draw. The things we have to put up with. :/

Anonymous said...

makes me feel like a pincushion! I draw the line when they want to try finding a vein on my feet. NO!!

cmk said...