Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Rambling Post

As I said a few days ago, our street is finally paved. It is so nice to have that done! It looks good, too:


Last weekend, we went on a road trip to the Twin Cities. The Youngest and her husband live there and we don't visit often enough. However, we try to get there at least once a year. It is always good to see them in their own environment--and to get to see the newest members of their household.

A couple of months ago, they had to put down one of their oldest cats because of kidney failure. However, they still have two dogs and five cats left. Wow. The animals they have are unbelievably great. The dogs are Australian shepherd mixes and the cats are of a great variety. The oldest cat--the 'pretend' cat (because he hides when we're there)--is all white, Peanut is a gorgeous tabby, Oscar and Lily are long-haired grey-and-whites, and the baby, Lena, is a short-haired tuxedo.

Lena is the last 'foster' that A brought home. Lena had some problems and had to have one of her back legs removed. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to be comfortable around the cat, but she is amazing. Other than running a bit awkwardly and sitting down at an angle, nothing seems to stop this kitten. She is a regular kitten and as cute as could be. However, because of some of the drugs that were given to her, she will probably be a 'mini' cat and won't grow to a full size.


We went to the Mall of America on Saturday. My big reason was to go to Lush, but K had a reason of his own: he wanted to get a Bret Favre Vikings T-shirt. He plans on wearing it to work just to piss off the Packer fans he sees on a daily basis. He can be mean. ;)

While we were at MoA, we went to the Underwater Adventure--the aquarium on the bottom level. It was quite neat, but a little expensive for what you get in return. I will do a post with pictures, later.


On Sunday we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. To say I had a good time is an understatement. It was quite unique and we have never been anywhere like it. We have every intention of going back again next year. I will do a separate post--with pictures--about the festival in the next few days. All I have to say is this: RUN, don't walk to the festival nearest you. It is an experience you won't forget--and fun at the same time.


We all know that there are times when manufactured products don't work. And when you use the same product over and over and over again, you have more of a chance of finding that one example that is a dud. Yesterday, I had a 'dud' Sure-Click syringe. I went to give myself my weekly Enbrel injection and the syringe didn't work. Hmmmmm. I called the drug company's patient help line and I will get a replacement syringe tomorrow. This wasn't that big of a deal and now I know what to do if it ever happens again. However, I find it to not be a big deal only in hindsight. ;)


Our grey squirrels are acting at bit 'squirrelly,' to say the least. I haven't read the Farmers Almanac, or talked to one of the 'old guys,' but I would thin the squirrels are getting ready for a long, cold winter. They have been running around our yard, burying acorns like there is no tomorrow. But, the way they are GETTING the acorns is what is so strange. They go up the tree and chew branches off. When the branches fall to the ground, then they strip the acorns off and proceed to bury them in our yard. And they do this ALL. DAY. LONG. Our backyard looks like a wind storm went through it.


And, finally, sports. I have become quite taken with the Tigers and watch games whenever I can. They haven't done so well lately, but they are still in the pennant race. Anyway, it will be getting a bit interesting for me here in the not too distant future: baseball and hockey will be overlapping. Actually, it is happening already, as hockey has started the pre-season. (The Wings won their first pre-season game last night. YIPPEE!!) My family is really beginning to worry about me. I told them that the day they have to REALLY worry about me is the day I decide to watch football. THAT is the day they can put me in that purple padded room I have had on reserve for the past 20 years.


ordinaryjanet said...

My, my-you have been busy!

That's a good-looking street.

I think that animals who get on with life after losing a limb are an example to us humans.

ooh, Mall of America! I'd like to see that some day. I hear it's too big to see everything in one visit.

I've been leaving some unsalted peanuts in the shell out every day, for the squirrels. I put them on a small table next to my swing. Yesterday I saw a squirrel check out the empty table then hop onto my swing and sit there a few seconds. Hmm. I wonder if this is the same one that pees on my doorstep?

cmk said...

I AM just completely amazed by the kitten. She is so cute and really has no problem with having only three legs. And, yes, what a great example to humans!

Mall of America is HUGE. Although, I wouldn't make a point of going if I didn't want/need to go to Lush for products. I definitely felt as if it was one of those 'have to see before I die' places, but beyond that, meh. We spent over six hours there--of course, some of it was at the aquarium--and we didn't walk through the entire place. I do, however, LOVE IKEA and got to go there after MoA.

As far as I know, our squirrels DON'T pee on our doorstep--but you never know. Our neighbor's cat, on the other hand, DOES!!! :(