Friday, September 18, 2009


A little over a month ago I bought my new cell phone and signed my new contract. A couple of days later I sent in the paperwork for my $50 rebate. Today I received a card telling me the rebate couldn't be processed because there was no service for the phone number. ACK!!! That did NOT make my day.

With a full head of steam and a boatload of righteous indignation, I called the help number. I was coldly polite and ready to unleash the hounds of hell on the customer service representative. We got the preliminary chit-chat over with and I supplied her with the information she needed to find out what went wrong. She read me the phone number that was written on the rebate form and that was when I knew where the problem was: I had supplied my LAND LINE number and NOT my cell phone number. OOPS!!!! I apologized profusely and we had a good laugh when I told her that I had been prepared to rip her a new a**hole over this entire deal, only to find out it was MY fault and not theirs. SHE was grateful that 'this time' it was the customer's fault. I should be getting my rebate check in less than a month.


ordinaryjanet said...

oh, boy, that could have been embarrassing! Glad everything worked out.

cmk said...

Thankfully I had a really good customer service rep AND that she understood how hard it is to remember all of the numbers we are surrounded with in our lives. And it definitely didn't hurt that I REALLY humbled myself and apologized to within an inch of my life! ;)