Thursday, September 17, 2009

Underwater Adventure

On the lowest level of the Mall of America, you can find Underwater Adventures. We had a good time. However, I think at $18, it was a bit overpriced. The setup is really cool, though. You walk 'through' the aquarium via a tunnel and all of the fish/sea life swim all around you. I was so much in awe of all of the fish, that I forgot to take pictures--although, from the ones I DID take, you could tell that they wouldn't have come out anyway. ;) I loved being in the tunnel when a sting ray, shark, or other fish swam over the top of the tunnel. As their bellies slid over the glass, you could hear the skin squeaking. Really kind of cool.

The best part of the whole place was the 'petting pool.' I got to touch a horseshoe crab, sea cucumber, and various anemones. Many of them feel, surprisingly, like velvet. It was neat to watch the anemones curl themselves up when their tentacles are touched.

One of these days I will learn the secret of taking pictures of swimming fish. Until that happens, this is what I'm left with:

I LOVED the color of this fish.

These are called 'moon jellies,' I believe. Really neat jelly fish.

I have some kind of fascination with piranha--I don't know why. Their teeth are VERY scary.

This was quite a large octopus. As a Wing fan, octopi hold a special place in my heart. ;)

A seahorse. They are so neat when they swim--their back fins flutter.

MANY seahorses. I love the way they hold on to the plants with their tails.


Anonymous said...

I love seahorses! I guess you didn't pet the piranha, huh?

cmk said...


kristi noser said...

did you see the piranha with two heads? I love that place, could stay in there for a long time, and the petting part is so cool! I love the way the teeny rays feel-- like velvet. Glad you had a good time!

cmk said...

No I didn't see the two-headed piranha! I would STILL be there watching it if I had. ;)

If I lived there, I would have a yearly pass, for sure.