Saturday, September 19, 2009

Police Log

These aren't really of the 'so funny I almost wet myself' variety, but they are strange in their own way.

--11:10 AM, boa constrictor escaped cage and house. Later found coiled underneath stove.

I DIDN'T want to know this. I live in my own little world and THAT world has NO boa constrictors anywhere closer than 3,542 miles from me.

--8:50 PM, large gray squirrel stuck in bird feeder, freed by officer.

I wonder what day of officer training this was taught?

--8:53 AM, rock thrown through window.
8:54 AM, brick thrown through vehicle window.
8:15, PM, tree branch thrown through window.

I guess the incidents escalated.

--11:14 AM, lost Nintendo in parking lot about two weeks ago.

So, did this person expect the cops to do anything about this after TWO fricking weeks??? Unbelievable.


ordinaryjanet said...

Gee, people must think the cops don't have much to do if they think the cops can trace a lost Nintendo after two weeks. Reminds me of the reports I occasionally read on Yahoo News about people who call 911 to complain about unbelievably frivolous things.

That window-breaking...wonder if it was the same person who broke 'em all? sounds like somebody is really mad at someone.

cmk said...

After reading the nonsense of these police logs, I have an admiration for the cops and dispatchers that knows no bounds. I can't imagine how much restraint these people have to have in order to deal with some of this nonsense!

The window breaking: I wondered the same thing. It just seemed so odd that so many incidents happened in the same day.

meleah rebeccah said...

these are still pretty damn funny!

cmk said...

I guess some people just need to get lives.