Sunday, August 09, 2009

Let's get Ready To Ramble

When I was a child--don't know if it is still the case--our local newspaper would publish the outer page on green paper. They called it 'The Green Sheet.' I don't remember what the content was on the green sheet.


How sad and disturbing is the news about the Billy Mays' autopsy? While the coroner still says he died of heart failure, it is now thought that the heart problems came from cocaine use. The tox report showed he had used cocaine. He reportedly also took several pain killers--including oxycodone--because of hip problems. You NEVER know what is going on behind closed doors, do you?


One of the neighbors talked to a guy who works for the company that will pave our road and he said they (the workers) have NO idea when the job will be done. I guess it will be done before the end of October, because the snow will start falling by then and it is extremely difficult to pave during a snow storm.


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that The Youngest had a sick cat. It had to be put down. The ultrasound was inconclusive, but his kidneys failed and there was nothing more to be done for him. It is sad to think I will never see Sam again. He was a very sweet cat.


On 5 August I celebrated ten years of being a non-smoker. Once again I gave myself an anniversary gift and went and bought the phone I've been wanting.

The Nokia E71x is about the neatest thing and I am having SO MUCH FUN with it. I don't even think I know half of what this thing can do and I've been playing with it for days. I didn't find the price to be all that bad, but my monthly plan increased by $15. I still haven't told K. I'm hoping he doesn't notice. ;)


meleah rebeccah said...

Happy 10th and congrats for not smoking! You rule.

*Love the new phone!*

And I always thought Billy Mays was on something. You cant be THAT hyper all the time!

cmk said...

Thanks for the congrats!

The phone is great, for sure.

And I agree, NO ONE can be that hyper all of the time, naturally. ;)