Monday, June 14, 2010

Just A Check Up

Today I had an appointment with my internist--it was just a short visit to make sure everything is fine with the tweaking of my meds.  And to my great surprise, my all-time favorite nurse was back in his office.  For good!  She had left in the fall and went to work for a veteran's facility here in town--she wanted the security it offered.  However, when the nurse that replaced her left, she was offered her old job back and she gladly took it.  She loves working for my doctor and is much happier with the work schedule.  This really gave me a happy today!

And just as easily, my happy was taken away.  Well, for a short time, anyway.  I had to have my blood drawn--and this was unscheduled and a surprise.  Fine, I'm getting used to it, even if I don't like having it done.  The problem is this new lab I go to--the lab tech's aren't used to me and my veins yet and they seem to think they know more than I do when it comes to drawing my blood.  The best and easiest way for them to do it is by using a butterfly--which is how it was done in the last lab.  These new techs insist on using a regular needle on me and those don't work all that well.  Today, I knew there was going to be trouble--and there was.  First, the tech couldn't find a good vein in my right arm.  I had to suggest trying my left arm--which he agreed to after saying he might have to get the blood from the back of my hand!  NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!!!!!  Then he found a vein in my left arm, but lost it as soon as the needle went in.  Of course, he moved the needle around and moved the vein around to see if he could get the blood, but it didn't work.  (I don't know if ANYONE has EVER gotten blood from that particular vein--there doesn't even appear to BE a vein where he stuck me!)  I, once again, suggested a butterfly, but he took another needle and went after another vein a couple of inches over.  This time, it worked.  But, all he had to do was move over another 3/4" and use a butterfly and there would have been no problem.  Why can't they just listen to me?

The appointment went well, my doctor is pleased with how I'm doing and I don't need to go back for another six months.  I'll have to exercise my veins to get ready for the next round of blood-letting.  Hopefully, things will go better next time. 


kristi noser said...

Next time:
"No, I will not allow you to draw my blood unless you use a butterfly. It works best that way and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble and save me a bruise."
Give 'er a try.
I'm just sayin'.

meleah rebeccah said...

Im glad all is well. And I have the SAME issues as you do when it comes to having blood drawn. I don't understand why the phlebotomists dont listen to us!

cmk said...

kristi: I did pretty much do that the first time I was told "Oh, we don't usually USE butterflies." For some reason or other, these people REALLY don't want to resort to using them. Unfortunately (?), all of the techs are SO nice--and I just don't want to get into a 'thing' with them. However, that being said, I WON'T let them just poke around like they did today. Once is definitely enough.

meleah: It makes NO sense when some of these people don't understand that WE know OUR bodies better than they do! It's as if we are questioning their professionalism or something--which is NOT the case!

Anonymous said...

I've found that drinking a lot of water (even with a fasting appt., it's OK to drink water) helps plump the veins. I can sympathize-I hate it when they root around for the vein, I can't look.

cmk said...

janet: Exactly what I thought, too, even though he 'pooh-poohed' the idea of my being slightly dehydrated. Sometimes these professionals are just TOO set in their scientific ways.