Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Cool dryer weather today--HOORAY!!!!  We should have nice, summer weather for a few days--and then it will warm up.  And by warm up, I mean temps at and over the 80* mark.  Blah.  Thank goodness for air conditioners.


While watching the Tigers game last night, we saw one of the pitchers break his elbow when he threw a pitch.  I have never seen anything like that before and never want to see it again.  He was in so much pain, I thought I could feel it!  I STILL shudder to think about what I saw.  He is done for the season, but did no damage to any tendons, ligaments, or muscles.  He actually was lucky that it only was a broken elbow.  It still is unbelievable that ANYONE could break an elbow just by throwing a baseball.


The Red Wings signed my Baby Boy's older brother to a one year contract.  For the most part, he will be playing in Grand Rapids, but will be called up to Detroit during the season.  It would be nice to see the two of them play together--I'm sure there is a great deal of chemistry there, as they grew up playing together.  It will be interesting to see if he can make it in the NHL.


The Youngest's neurotic cat--the one on anti-anxiety drugs--has been doing quite well lately.  And then they went and bought a new couch this past weekend.  He is NOT amused, but getting better every day.  It's not a wonder he isn't happy about the couch--cats HATE change in a big way.  Our cat gets very upset for a few days whenever I move the furniture around in the living room.  The joys of pet ownership.


We're still battling the yellow jackets in the soffit.  While K was able to close up most of the entry holes, they still are finding their way in.  So, K did a little bit of spraying, which killed MOST of the buggers--but not all.  There are two or three that continue to find ways to get into the soffit, so there will need to be more spraying done.  This HAS to be taken care of quickly.  From everything I've read, they get more and more aggressive as the month of August approaches--something about new queens, I believe--and they don't want anything around the nest.  Like I need to worry about THAT!


I don't know if the weather has had anything to do with it or not, but the police logs just haven't been too interesting lately.  There have been quite a few alcohol-related calls, but with this weather, ANYONE would want to drink the depression away!  Hot weather seems to bring out the wackos and this weekend is supposed to be hot.  High temps and a holiday weekend just might give some interesting police calls.  Stay tuned.


Our oldest has always had some strange reactions to certain medications.  If something is supposed to cause drowsiness, she would get hyper.  We found this out when she was given Tylenol with codeine for an ear infection.  She stayed up all night talking to herself after getting a dose, so we stayed away from that afterwards.  She also couldn't handle Dimetapp or several other meds because of the same result.  Last night, she found out her boy takes after her.  She gave him some Benadryl for his newly diagnosed allergies and he stayed up till at least 3:00 AM, bouncing off the walls.  But, when he fell asleep, he slept very well and woke up extremely refreshed.  At least something good came out of it.  ;)


Despite the fact that nothing came of K's visit to the sleep center, I STILL think his sleep isn't right.  (He went to be tested for sleep apnea and was told he doesn't have it.  I disagree.  I also think he has a bit of 'sleep eating,' too.  But I digress...)  Many times this next scenario has been played out in our house.

I went into the bedroom last night to put away the last of the laundry that I had just folded.  K had already been sleeping for an hour or two.  A lot of the time, he isn't disturbed when I go into the bedroom, but sometimes he is.  As I was putting my night gowns away, he got up out of bed, looked at me and began saying "I heard on the news..." and he proceeded to talk as if we had been conversing for an hour or so.  And he does this quite often--he just starts as if he never was sleeping.  It is the strangest, eeriest thing.  Maybe he DREAMS we are talking and he just continues what he was dreaming about.  I don't know. 


My favorite day of the year came and went over the weekend.  That day would be the first day of summer.  It is my favorite day because every day from now on gets shorter and shorter--and we are one day closer to winter with each day.  ;)  And the hockey season will be starting on 7 October--just 99 days away!  Time is moving way too slowly...


meleah rebeccah said...

HOORAY for cooler weather for you!! Enjoy it while it lasts.

I still think its hilarious about the cat taking anti-anxiety drugs!

I am terrified of yellow jackets - Especially since I also read they do get more aggressive!

I hope the police logs give you some blog fodder soon. They always crack me up!

I also have the REVERSE effects from medication! That's too funny. Anything that's supposed to makes me drowsy makes me REALLY hyper!

Hmmm. I wonder what could be the issue with K's sleeping? Was he sleep talking to you? Or was he REALLY awake?

And, I know you can't wait for Hockey season to start!


cmk said...

Yeah, I have to enjoy this weather while it lasts--by Friday it's supposed to be getting HOT!

If ONLY the cat would have had to go on Prozac! Now THAT'S a joke wanting to write itself. :D

ANY stinging insects give me panic attacks, but especially yellow jackets. {shudder}

With the Fourth of July this weekend, I would hope we will get SOMETHING from the police logs!

I have never had the reverse-effect from meds, but I suffer from having meds effect me way too much. If something is supposed to make you drowsy, I will sleep for 24 hours--and STILL feel drowsy when I wake.

K has ALWAYS been able to wake up fully, immediately. I think it has something to do with his being in the Navy. Anyway, he's always been able to start conversations like that upon waking. Just creeps me out, because I take FOREVER to be functional after waking.

I am just like the waking dead while waiting for the season to start--I don't even feel alive until September, when training camp/pre-season games are. ;)

Love you, my dear! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Lovely here today...

I should get tested, I know I have SA.

cmk said...

I was tested for sleep apnea, but wasn't found to have it. However, I was told I COULD benefit from wearing a CPAP mask. I declined. If I'm not sleeping well now, how in the world am I supposed to sleep with one of those contraptions on my face? Unbelievable. And frankly, I don't know how they even got any amount of info from my stay in the sleep lab--I don't think I slept more than 1 1/2 hours the entire night. If they want actual results that they can use, they should figure out a way of testing someone in their own home, in their own bed.

meleah rebeccah said...

With the Fourth of July this weekend, YOU BETTER have police log material!

cmk said...