Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yuck, Yuck, Yuckity, Yuck

This is getting absolutely ridiculous.  Once again, as has been the case for days and days and days, the humidity is hovering around the 90% mark.  And the temp is hanging in at just under 70*.  This makes for cool, clammy, uncomfortable weather.  And I am about to lose it--big time.

I'm not one to want the hot, dry days of summer--hell, I don't wait for summer at all.  But what is going on here cannot continue.  While the temp is at the highest where I feel comfortable, I cannot handle the humidity.  Everything that I touch, is limp and damp.  I put on clothes every day that feel as if they weren't in the dryer quite long enough.  My dishtowels/rags are getting 'that smell' to them--the smell that comes from being too wet for too long--after using them just once.  (In the winter, I can go for three or four days before 'the smell' sets in, if it ever does.)  I can't put my hair in braids before I go to sleep--I do this because it gets in my way when I turn over--as it is still wet when I wake up.  And there is nothing more disturbing than smelling a mustiness in your hair--as if it will mildew and have to be cut off completely.  This humidity knocks every bit of 'get up and go' from me--I just feel like I'm moving in slow motion all of the time.  And my head and eyes hurt--the allergies/sinus problems are working overtime.  I just feel like shit.  (Pardon my French.)  I do believe I'm turning into a sloth--green hair and all.

I know in six months I will be pissing and moaning over the fact that this house is too dry, but right now I can't wait for the dryness to set in.  Last month we were worrying about the possibility of uncontrollable wildfires and now we have standing water or swamp-like conditions everywhere.  Our basement has always been 'damp,' but we have as much water down there right now as we get in the spring during the thaw.  Our dehumidifier is working overtime and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will last for the entire summer.  Still, it just isn't getting rid of the water/dampness that is hanging around the basement.  And thus ends my ranty piss and moan session.  ;)


ordinaryjanet said...

Oh, I know that sour-towel smell all too well-I hate it when I wipe my hands on a dishtowel and then my hands stink so I have to wash them again to get rid of the smell.

I change my clothes twice a day, sometimes more often, and I change my undies more often-I can't stand wet underwear. I also have that dreaded bra rash from (wet bra rubbing tender skin)under my boobs, I was wondering just what I could wear if it gets so bad that I can't stand a bra at all and have to go out in public. We're supposed to get relief in a couple of days- it can't come too soon for me!

cmk said...

I guess we're supposed to get some drying out in a few days, too. Even though I HATE the hot weather, it might just be a relief to get out of this humid/rainy crap.

As I've said before, I don't usually wear a bra at home, so I don't have the rash going on--thank goodness. I don't know how people do it if they have to be out in the public every day--I certainly wouldn't be able to!

meleah rebeccah said...

Its been that humid and over 100 degrees in NJ. Im suffocating. I think this is the first summer I ever wished it was winter!

And I loathe that musty smell on the dish towels. Nothing EVER dries in all this humidity. UGH!

cmk said...

Thank goodness the humidity is down today and it got quite a bit cooler. Right now, we aren't supposed to get any more rain for several days--keeping my fingers crossed!

meleah rebeccah said...

Ill keep my fingers crossed FOR you!