Sunday, February 05, 2012

Don't Ask and I Certainly Won't Tell

K had to go to the grocery store before work today and he came home--as he does, at times--with a couple of lottery tickets.  As he was leaving for work, he told me to scratch the tickets, but "If you win, don't tell anyone. At least until we have the money in our hands."  I DID have to chuckle--as IF we would ever win enough to HAVE to keep it a secret, but, we can dream.  ;)

K and I aren't what you would call 'gamblers.'  He will get in the football pool at work and buys lottery tickets on a semi-regular basis.  We have been to Las Vegas once and a couple of times a year we will go to an Indian casino and 'donate' some money to the Native Americans.  ;)  As we don't go out to bars, etc, and spend money that way, the money we spend at the casino is for a form of entertainment--and cheaper than some other forms, actually.  If you can curb your spending, sitting in a casino isn't really all that expensive.  And who knows, you just MAY win some money.

Every so often, we will go off on a flight of fantasy and discuss what we would do if we won a lot of money.  First thing, I would NOT want a lot of people to know about my winning big--I just don't need that kind of attention.  K has a definite number in mind that he would need in order to quit work and if he won that amount, he would only go back long enough to sign his retirement papers.  Neither one of us has a lot of material things we would want to buy.  A new (modest) house and a couple of new vehicles and we would be pretty set.  Really, $1 million would be more than enough for us to elevate our life style!  (And $1 million doesn't buy nearly as much today as it once did.  ;))

Of course, if we ever won A LOT of money, then we would have some decisions to make.  We would need to decide who would benefit from our winnings, besides us.  We would want to 'do' for our kids and their families, naturally.  And several charities would benefit, as well.  But after that, just who do you 'help?'  I have always been family-oriented, but being estranged from my parents and brother would keep me from wanting to 'spread the wealth.'  We probably would help out my parents and K would want to do something for his oldest sister, at least, but beyond that, we would have to think long and hard about who else.

One question that has come up when talking the 'winning' scenario with friends is "HOW would you help your kids?"  I would be too afraid to give enough money for my kids to never have to worry or work again, but I definitely would want to ease their burdens.  I would like to set up a trust fund--or whatever it would be called--that would pay their bills and allow them to live a comfortable life, but not give them enough to become lazy and entitled.  I would want them to HAVE to continue working, if for nothing more than all of the 'extras' they would want to have.

So, have you ever done the 'what if' game?  How would you spend your money?


Anonymous said...

I would certainly help my parents.

cmk said...

I think most of us with elderly parents would do so. Even being estranged from my parents, they ARE my parents, after all. I do have that respect for the role they have/have had in my life.

meleah rebeccah said...

I would pay off parents debts, buy a home for myself and my son, and pay for his college tuition.

cmk said...

I think it may only be the very young--who haven't lived in the real world yet--who would buy lots and lots of 'things' in a situation like this. Most people--at least the ones I know--would be much more practical about what they would do with a lot of money.

Janet said...

oh, I play this game all the time. It would depend on how much money I won-if it was a fantastic sum like 100 million, I'd set up a foundation. If it were a "paltry" 5 million, I'd have to be careful since that would have to last me for the rest of my life.

I wouldn't tell anyone about the win either. I'd prefer to let a lawyer collect it rather than have my name and photo all over the TV-can you imagine the people who'd flock to the door asking for a handout?

cmk said...

Doesn't it just get you when you can actually say 'only $5 million?' :D I mean, really, how many of us couldn't do a LOT with $100,000 or even $50,000. Now, I'm not saying it would be THAT life changing, but it certainly would go a long way toward becoming debt-free for most people.