Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Police Log

Guess what?  We finally have a few good stories to pass on!

(These all happened on different days.)

--1:43 AM, subject on the roof refusing to come down.
Just one thing to say about this:  IT IS THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING WINTER!!!!!  I don't think I WANT to know why s/he was on the roof.

--9:41 AM, report of neighbors banging on walls, was just ice falling.
I kind of have the feeling that the person doing the reporting has some ISSUES with the neighbors.  ;)

--6:07 PM, two subjects arguing, throwing snowballs at each other.
So now we can't do snowball fights?  {shaking my head}

--6:30 PM, complaint that a snowman in front yard has male genitals;  removed by builder.
First of all, just wait two days and the genitals will either be covered with snow or will have melted enough that they would not be evident anymore.  And secondly, WHO examines a snowman enough to actually tell that it has male genitals?  Unless the builder made them so big that they couldn't BE ignored...  And I'm not too clear on WHAT was removed by the builder:  The snowman or the genitals?  :D


Anonymous said...

Deciding how to respond to this surge of activity has me this a small town?

cmk said...

Yes, yes, this is a small town--we have somewhere around 20,000 (give or take) population. Most of the time the police log in the local paper has the usual stuff: lock-out assistance, minor in possession of tobacco, failure to pay, etc, etc, etc. But there are times when the absolute 'crazy' of living in a small town comes out. And this is when I post the police logs here. If you haven't read the logs I've posted here before, please do a search (you can find them both under 'police log' AND the plural 'police logs')--there really ARE some gems. :D

Janet said...

really?? male genitals on a snowman are serious enough for the police to tell the builder to remove them? what about those gross-out rubber "testicles" you see hanging on the backs of pickup trucks? Those should be outlawed. And while we're at it, let's slap a fine on every young man whose pants hang below his butt.

Snowballs are dangerous if they're packed with ice.

When I'm the Queen of the World, things are gonna change for the better! ;-)

I love your Police Logs!

cmk said...

I'm sure the same person who called about the '4-year-old walking down the street smoking' was the one who called about the 'package' on the snowman. :D

I'll agree that snowballs CAN be dangerous--but I'm still convinced this was another case of someone sticking their nose where it didn't belong. :)