Saturday, February 14, 2009


A week from tonight we will have spent our first full day in Florida. The time since we decided on this trip has gone by fast, but not as fast as this next week will.

This all came into being because friends of ours were going to Florida for a vacation and asked if we wanted to go, too. Since we haven't really gone on a vacation since Vegas--our trip/s to St Paul are more about visiting our daughter--we said 'sure!' While we have been in Florida two other times, they were all about Disney World, but this trip will be about 'Florida.'

We have rented a house to stay in. It has four bedrooms and its own pool. Here is the floorplan:

I love the fact that the pool is all screened in, so there will be no bugs to worry about! It really looks cool:

I think this is the way to go--we have privacy, lots of room, laundry facilities, kitchen, etc, and it all is for far less than a hotel.

We have already been talking about some of the things we want to do--after all, we will be there for twelve days, so we need a bit of a plan. Of course, Disney World will be visited. We probably will only go for one day and that will be a visit to Epcot. I feel that Epcot has the most to offer for adults--and we can stay till quite late, as we will stay for the fireworks. Both coasts will be visited--K and I have been to the Atlantic Ocean, but neither of us have seen the Gulf coast. The Kennedy Space Center will be a day's activity. I'm not a big space person, but this is very historic and shouldn't be missed. Up in the air, but a good possibility, is to catch a Tigers' spring training game. I have NEVER seen any pro-sporting event in person and even a pre-season game would be better than nothing. I am, however, a little sad to think that my first pro-event WOULDN'T be a Wings' game, but, oh well. I'm sure we will have more things to do than time to do it in, but that is usually the case with vacations.

I'm doing quite well with my planning, so far, but when Thursday rolls around I will feel as if I haven't done anything. I believe I have everything that I will be taking--K, however, is a different story. I can never get that man to do a thing for a trip any earlier than the day before we leave. At this point, I don't care if he has clothes for the trip. Whatever he needs, we'll just buy when we get there--whether he likes it or not! ;) I'm just not going to let myself get all worked up about things--I don't want to start this trip all stressed out.

I hope to be able to post while we are gone--I AM taking the laptop, even though we don't have internet access in the house. If I can't get online, at the very least I should be able to 'Twitter'--and those short messages DO appear on the sidebar of this blog. I really can't wait for this to begin!


ordinaryjanet said...

looks like heaven! Take photos to make the rest of us jealous! ;-) Have a great time!

cmk said...

I usually take a lot of pics, but then I forget to post them! Must be getting old. I'll try to do better this time. :D

meleah rebeccah said...

I am soooo jealous~ But you are going to have a GREAT time! Im excited for you.