Thursday, February 12, 2009


Don't let anyone fool you: getting a tattoo hurts. A lot. So why do it? I have been told that GETTING tattoos can become addictive--I think that HAVING tattoos can become addictive. I'm afraid I might be falling in the latter category. I went out and got my second tonight--and am planning to get more.

Anyway, I decided on what I wanted for my second tat and figured it was time to get it. After all, it has been more than six years since I got my first one. I made an appointment and wound up with a different tattoo artist than the last time--and I love him! He was such a sweetheart and we found out that we are neighbors--he and his girlfriend live just down the block from us. As a matter of fact, he walks his dog past our house almost every day and he said I should make sure and come out for a chat the next time I see him. I must say, though, that all the people at this particular place are the nicest bunch you could ever meet--even if you probably would run like hell if you met them in a dark alley! (The artist who did my tat tonight is the most 'normal' of the bunch--he didn't have any ink showing at all, except for the small part of a tat that crept past his T-shirt neckline.)

So, I got my second tattoo and almost got a third. Unfortunately, I saw my dermatologist today and got some cortisone injections and the cortisone moved into the area where I wanted another tat, so it wasn't something that could be done. Oh, well, maybe in a few weeks I can go back for it.

K has no tattoos--even though he was in the Navy. He said most of the enlisted short-timers didn't have any ink, but the lifers had a lot. He said anything you could think of was tattoed onto bodies--and he saw some beautiful work. Now, after all of these years, he is very close to getting his first tattoo. He keeps looking and has an idea what he wants, but it still needs refining. Trouble is, his ONE tattoo will probably cost more than twice as much as what I have paid for two--and it will take a lot longer to do. Hey, more power to him if he can stand the pain!

So, now for the big reveal. The pics aren't that great and my arms look like legs, but here we have tattoo number one and tattoo number two.

I think they're kind of cool. :)


kristi noser said...

I love tattoos, and I am one of the "getting them is addicting" people. I love the chills when the needle starts, I know, weird. Yes it does hurt, but as soon as the put the bandage on I'm ready to go again. Good thing I don't have a lot of disposable income.

cmk said...

I DO have to admit that the second didn't hurt QUITE as much as the first one did. Although, I still am addicted to having them. ;)

MilesPerHour said...

I went out for my one and only with my GF getting her one and only.Um, I have quite a few now - lol. A couple pics are on my site as well.

cmk said...

Yeah, I'm already planning whether or not I will be getting the two (?) that I still want, next month. I really--at this time--only want a total of three more, but we will see. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

I love your tattoos!