Monday, February 02, 2009

What A Way To (Probably) End A Career

Yesterday there was some sort of sporting event and it seemed to impact the NHL--namely, there were very few games to watch. BUT, I did manage to find one worthy of my time and so I saw Boston beat Montreal. (BOO!!! And I ONLY wanted the Habs to win because I don't want the Bruins to keep getting the points.) Anyway, the strangest thing happened: I thought I was going to have to fix my TV in order to watch the game and then it became abundantly clear that the problem was with the Habs uniforms. They decided--probably because this is their 100th year--to wear retro jerseys and they were AWFUL!! Don't believe me? Here is a picture:

A lot of people are likening these to barberpoles, but I just think they are atrocious. I couldn't really focus my eyes throughout the game. What in the world were they thinking? But then, they ARE French-Canadians, so...

And now I get to the point of the title, Robert Lang. Lang was a Wing a few years ago and then wound up playing for the Blackhawks before finding his way to Montreal. He has been doing quite well this year. Unfortunately, he left yesterday's game with an injury. At first, it looked as if he came down on his left leg in a wonky way and probably suffered an ankle injury. As it turns out, he got his left Achilles tendon sliced by a skate and is out for (probably) the rest of the year--and the real possibilty is that his career is over. Word has it that it takes at least a year to heal and come back from this injury--and it doesn't seem likely that someone will do so at the age of 39 or 40. Quite sad, really. And as I have said many times: what a way to make a living! Here is a picture taken just shortly before his injury as he celebrated his goal--a much happier time.

Be well, Bobby.

UPDATE: Lang underwent successful surgery to repair his severed Achilles tendon. He is expected to be out indefinitely. (DUH!)

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