Monday, March 02, 2009

Looking To Go Home

It is the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow we will be flying out of here and should be home some time around midnight--as long as no flights are delayed. I had hoped to post more while we were here, but the internet access has been very hit-and-miss. I relied on using someone's unsecured network and things didn't always work out very well. ;)

To put this last 12 days in a nutshell: Floria is a very nice place to visit, but I definitely wouldn't want to live here. I like the cold--it helps preserve me. :) We have had a wonderful time, but it is going to be nice to be back home in a regular, familiar routine. I will do a series of posts about the trip and I have pictures to share, so come back in a few days and I will have a lot to say!


kristi noser said...

I missed you!

cmk said...

I've missed everyone, too! I will get back in the groove starting on Wednesday.

meleah rebeccah said...

YAY. Welcome home woman. I am not that big on Florida. Its too humid and too flat for me! But I am glad you had a nice vacation!