Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Ramblings

Monday--my FAVORITE day of the week. Yeah, right. Monday is also known as 'You Mean We Have To Do Garbage Again?' day in this household. This is the job I have come to LOATHE over the years and usually put it off to the bitter end. Today we got the job done extra early and it feels good to NOT have that hovering over my head!


The temp outside is around the 50 degree mark--absolutely gorgeous. Despite the fact I don't like warm weather--meaning summer ;)--it is nice to be able to open windows. I DO love the smell of fresh air--too bad it has to come with bugs.


The cat and I have decided that we have a mouse in the pantry. We have seen no evidence of it, just been hearing 'things.' K, being the sweetheart he is, went out and got an enclosed mousetrap and set it up--even though he doesn't believe we have a critter problem. Isn't he adorable? (The shopping trip on Friday did WONDERS for my state of mind--even though I didn't buy myself a damn thing!)


C called today and was having an 'I REALLY hate my husband' day. She is sure the reason he won't let her get a gun is he KNOWS he wouldn't live to see his next birthday. :D Of course, I have NO idea why she would feel that way. {said with an innocent look on my face}


No word on whether my Baby Boy will be playing tomorrow night or not. It isn't surprising, though--I'm sure they had the day off after playing back-to-back games this weekend. Although, if there was anything VERY seriously wrong with him, it probably would have made the news or some blog by now. Still keeping my fingers crossed and having good thoughts.


K is starting the first of three night shifts today, so this means I will have lots of ME time. YIPPEE!!!


kristi noser said...

I enjoy my alone time when Pops has the overnight weekend shift as well.

cmk said...

It just is very relaxing, isn't it?