Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Very Full Day...

...for hockey games, that is. I am watching my fourth one for the day. You definitely can tell how close it is getting to the end of the season by how many games are broadcast. I wouldn't have seen four games--one was just the overtime and shootout, actually--if the Wings wouldn't have played an afternoon game. I am getting myself ready for the playoffs and the amount of games I will be watching--can't wait!

The Wings beat the Blues today in a pretty good game. Ozzie got his 300th win in a Wings' uniform--way to go Ozzie! Quite an impressive statistic. With the win, the Wings are now at the top of the league again. If Nashville ties or loses the game they are playing, then the Wings will be the first team to clinch a playoff spot for the year. Not that there is any chance they WON'T make the playoffs, but it will be nice for it to be official. They will post another 100 point year--and break another record, which they set LAST year.

The most impressive part of the game: the Wings got three goals in 45 seconds in the second period! It was very nice to see. My Baby Boy got another point and now has surpassed his total from last year. The worst part of today: Baby Boy had to leave the game in the second with back spasms. He didn't come back for the rest of the game. He wasn't hit or injured in any way--just back spasms. Back problems--as well as knee, hip, and groin troubles--are way too common for hockey players. Z has a notoriously sensitive back, unfortunately. VF will not play tomorrow and, hopefully, the rest is all he needs to get well. Damn, and he was just getting on fire, too.

I watched the Montreal/New Jersey game earlier and was torn between who I wanted to win. I guess it was fine that New Jersey won, but it meant that Brodeur got his 551st NHL win--to tie Roy for best ever. I'm NOT a Brodeur fan--way too much hype, if you ask me--but it WAS good that Roy's record will be broken. (Patrick Roy is the biggest douche bag to EVER play the game of hockey.) I just can't wait till a European goalie breaks these records--hopefully I will be alive to see it. I LOVE seeing European players do well--the Canadians HATE European players so much. It just makes me smile to see. I think the Canadians just need to get over themselves already. The hatred of Europeans is one of the main reasons the Wings are so despised: over half of the players the Wings have are NOT North American. And they STILL win. Oh, well, cry me a river. ;)

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