Saturday, January 02, 2010


Lake Superior State University, for the past 35 years, has put out its List of Words Banished From the Queen's English for Misuse, Over-use, and General Uselessness. Even with 'banishment,' though, the words don't always fall out of favor. The list for 1993 included 'state of the art' and 'happy camper.' Banished in 2000 was '24/7.' 2004 found 'LOL' on the list and 2008 had 'it is what it is.' Unfortunately, all of these words/phrases are STILL being overused. Hopefully, this year will find some of these words falling out of favor:


The rest of the list for this year is here. have fun trying NOT to use any of these words in the next few days! ;)


Ranger Tom said...

I'd like to see "unprecedented" on that list.

ObamaGod says it so often I want to vomit.

cmk said...

There are way too many that DIDN'T make the list, for sure!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh boy, Ive already used the word app five times today.

Anonymous said...

I won't have a problem not using the banned words. Now if they would just ban those erectile dysfunction commercials, I'll be ecstatic.

cmk said...

meleah: I'm still using some of the ones banned from years gone by...

janet: I'm with you 100% on that! I'm happy 'Smilin' Bob' isn't shown as much these days--but he STILL makes appearances during hockey games. ;(

Anonymous said...

Last night I happened to walk past the TV and saw the one where the man is walking and his reflection is asking him when "they" were going to talk to the doctor about Erectile Dysfunction. I think that a man who talks to his reflection in shop windows has a bigger problem than getting his pecker hard.

And, what the hell is it with the people in those bathtubs in those Viagra/Cialis/whatever commercials? am I missing something?