Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Police Log

--9:45 PM, report of female screaming in the area: she screamed because she saw a bug.

HOW loud did this woman scream? We are in the middle of winter here. EVERYTHING is shut up tight against the cold, so she HAD to scream bloody murder for anyone to hear her. And it obviously had to be inside--there never was a bug that could possibly survive our temps!

--11:00 PM, unruly 9-year-old; child spoken with and is now brushing his teeth.

This just brings up SO many questions. First, what parent calls the cops because his child is 'unruly?' And was the 'unruliness' his not wanting to brush his teeth? Why would the fact that he was brushing his teeth even be part of the police log? I guess the biggest conclusion I come away with from this: some people should NOT be parents.


Anonymous said...

If it were my kid, I'd find photos of the worst teeth in the history of mankind to show the kid and say "that's what happens if you don't brush your teeth".

Maybe that screamer was in an apartment building and a neighbor heard her. Don't forget that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast-a little winter cold wouldn't faze 'em.

I see on Yahoo! Odd News that rarely does a week go by without a report of some idiot calling 911 for unbelievably trivial crap. I just hope that if I ever need 911, they aren't busy with some drunk complaining that a bartender won't serve him any more.

Doug Bagley said...

Reminds me of the guy who called 911 for help with finding a prostitute. Must have been dropped on his head when a child.

cmk said...

Yeah, there are ALWAYS idiots calling for one reason or another--like the guy who calls and reports someone stole his weed, etc. Stupidity astounds me. (I hadn't heard the one about the prostitute, though.)

janet: Not to say there AREN'T cockroaches up here--cause I know there are--we don't have a big problem with them. I agree that the screamer was probably in an apartment, but still. Keep your can of Raid handy at all times--as I do--and things will be fine. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Seriously, I have probably screamed loud enough over a bug for someone to call the cops on me! But...that is HYSTERICAL.