Sunday, January 31, 2010


I watched the Twilight movie. It stunk so bad that I used an entire can of air freshener just to try and rid my house of the stench. Now, the story was exactly like the book--not too bad, but not very good, either. What was bad about this movie was the acting. To say the actors--especially the female lead, Kristen Stewart--aren't good, is an understatement. They make Keanu Reeves look like a Shakespearean/classical genius! (I LOVE Keanu Reeves--in the movies he's suited for. And THOSE are a bit few and far between.) Between the lack of acting skills and the 'longing, lovesick' looks--which were pathetic and looked more like the actors were about to hurl--that were supposed to BE acting, this movie has no right to be shown anywhere but on Mystery Science Theater. I would pay good money to see Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow completely and totally eviscerate this movie. Hmm, could it be so bad that it is actually good? Nah--teeny boppers wouldn't be interested if that was the case.


kristi noser said...

I don't think they ired those pretty people for their acting skills. Most teenage girls don't know the difference.

cmk said...

Well, they sure got what they paid for. ;)

Actually, I wasn't impressed with the looks of very many of the actors. Granted, I'm not a teenage girl, but still...I DO appreciate eye candy--hey, my Baby Boy is quite fine--but I didn't think there was all that much to look at in this movie.

I had hopes. I read all of the books and figured they couldn't do TOO badly with the movie/s. The books weren't any good literature, by any means, and the author could have tightened them up and had--at the most--two books instead of four, but they held my interest. And the books really were screaming to be made into movies. I'm just disappointed in how they dropped the ball with this one.

meleah rebeccah said...

Im soooo glad I skipped this whole Twilight Craze!

cmk said...

I read EVERYTHING*, so I wound up with these books, too. I didn't get on the bandwagon with everyone else, I was late to the thing, but I got there anyway. I still don't think they were the worst books in the world, but they weren't anywhere as bad as this movie was.

*I've been known to read the back of a Comet can when I've had nothing else to read in the bathroom. :D

meleah rebeccah said...


Ranger Tom said...

I really had to laugh about your comment on Keanu Reeves... My ex wanted to see him once in some Shakespeare play... I couldn't take him seriously in it. My ex asked me why, and I gave her a perfect example:

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

Nuff said?

And Twilight makes me want to blow chunks myself, so don't feel alone.

cmk said...

He did fantastically well in the Matrix movies and he was quite good in Constantine, but he didn't need to show much emotion in those. As long as he sticks with what he's good at, he'll be making money for years to come. And playing a Shakespearean role is NOT something I could see him good at. :D

(Have never seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I can imagine him in the role.)

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