Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I WANT!!!!!!

While I am pretty much a cat person, I do love me some certain kinds of dogs. And when I say 'dog,' I mean a REAL dog--not some dog wanna-be, like a chihuahua, for example. I tend to like really big dogs like Great Pyrenees,

St Bernards,


Irish wolfhounds,


etc. Unfortunately, they are just too darn big for me to have in this house--and I like having a cat because of the independence it allows us. (Of course, all this being said, I would NEVER turn down a Westie

if someone offered one to me. ;))

All of this leads me to what I actually wanted to post in the first place. Via I Has A Hotdog--I think this is absolutely hysterical! (I may want to own him, but I would NOT want to be the one having to make sure he doesn't get skin infections because of the wrinkly skin-folds!)

Basset hounds just may be my favorite dogs--and one would fit so well here: a short, couch potato which tends toward being overweight.* MY kind of dog! :D

*I just may have been a basset hound in another life. ;)


ordinaryjanet said...

That's funny! I wonder if basset hounds can jump on the couch with those short legs, though.

meleah rebeccah said...

Awwww. These are ADORABLE!

cmk said...

meleah: I would have every one of these dogs if I had the room! Unfortunately, not only do I love big dogs, most of the ones I love DON'T have dry mouths. A bit icky when they are so huge. ;)

janet: I really have to ask my cousin that question--they used to own a basset!