Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know, but it seems as if I've been 'off my feed' a bit here lately. A week ago Monday, I had an appointment with my internist and came away with another prescription for my high blood pressure. While I'm not as bad as I have been before, I am experiencing some side-effects and think that's why I'm not myself. So far, the 'funky feeling head' has kind of resolved itself--although it is hard to say for sure because my sleep is not as it should be. Everyone knows I pretty much keep vampire hours, but since going on the new meds, it is even worse. I am an insomniac WAY later than I would like to be and then I sleep the sleep of the dead for 6-8 hours--and I don't even get up to go to the bathroom. This wouldn't be so bad if the sleep was restful, but I seem to wake up quite tired. Then I have the times when I fall asleep and wake up after 4 hours--and can't get back to sleep again. (This is where I am today.) Of course, I feel like crap for the entire day. Beside this, I am experiencing swelling in my lower legs and feet. (NOT an uncommon thing with BP meds.) I'm still waiting to see if things will resolve themselves before calling the dr--but I highly doubt it will happen. Oh, well, things will straighten out one way or another.


The weather has been quite fine lately. While the temp hasn't been much over the high 40s, it still is sunny and the snow is melting away--slowly, for sure, but melting. I'm actually able to see about 1/2 of the front of the wall on my wall garden already--but won't be able to work the soil for another month at the very least. There will be some mightly pissed off people in the next month or so: I've predicted another one--if not two--more HUGE snow storms before we can finally say 'hello' to spring. Living here my whole life, I've seen it happen every year--and this year should be no different.


K still has about two more weeks of overtime before it's done for a while. I'm not exactly sure WHEN he had his last day off, but I think it was earlier this month. As things stand, he has to take all of the overtime offered, cause we never know when there will be more. His next paycheck should be for 200 hours of work*--and that is crazy. No wonder he doesn't do anything but sleep and (barely) eat when he is at home.


Well, with all of the time K has been working, he does have a few things to look forward to. First, we are going to see Alice Cooper in concert in July. I don't know that either of us were ever HUGE fans of Alice, but we were fans, nonetheless. From everything I've read, the man puts on quite a concert and it should be a lot of fun. Now that we are getting into our dotage, I think we are reverting back to adolescence and doing everything we couldn't afford way back in the day. ;)

K has scheduled vacation time around Labor Day, so that we can go to St Paul for the Renaissance Fair. Labor Day weekend is a big time for the Fair, so it should be a good time. As it is, K will have almost two weeks off, so we might just head out west a bit after our visit with The Youngest. If things work out well, we will go to Mount Rushmore and maybe Wall Drug and the Corn Palace. I'm sure we will wander around the Badlands a bit, too. Seeing as K won't take me to Finland, I guess we will 'see America first.' ;)


Time is winding down for hockey, so we will be very busy going to the last games of the (regular) season. Our local team, the Rangers, are home for three games this weekend, so that is where we will be. I'm hoping K will be able to hold up--he will be going to work at 3:00 AM, coming home at 4:00 PM, taking a nap, and then we will be at the arena by 7:00 PM. We will have to eat dinner some time during the hours he's at home, too, but I'm sure we won't miss too many meals. These games will end the regular season and we still don't know HOW the playoffs will work, so I'm looking forward to this. We probably won't travel to any playoff games, so we might not get a chance to see anymore till next year. Time will tell, though.

The Red Wings are--finally--getting their act together and winning more games. Right now they are in a playoff position, but there still are enough games left where it isn't a sure thing that they will make it. It would be a shame if they don't make it, as this would be the first time in two decades--which is a record for North American sports. It has been a bad year for the Wings, but hopefully they will have a long playoff run.

*This is his time-and-a-half and double-time pay. He didn't actually WORK 200 hours in two weeks. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope you get the sleep thing worked out. I know what it's like to walk around all day feeling like a zombie.

I was wondering about those 200 hours-had to look at the footnote!

Alice Cooper!! I haven't thought about him in years. Cool!

I'm going to be waiting to find out if you were right in your weather predictions. :-p

sue said...

Ugh... as you know I'm with ya on the ned thing.

I know that overtime feeling as well. Sounds like my fall, what with working in a farm profession and also having a family farm with my Hubs, it can be a crazy time with not much going on BUT work. Hope he sees a break soon.

Alice? Ah... he's a classic. ;) Pretty wild in his day, but by todays standards, pretty mild. LOL.

meleah rebeccah said...

I have NOT been on the top of my game or felt like myself in a while either. And, it has a lot to do with the Not Sleeping at night. I wonder why I ALWAYS have insomnia this time of year?

Enjoy the Alice Cooper concert! That is going to be awesome!

Im glad the Red Wings are getting it together and winning a few games. I know how mad you get when they lose! Ahahahahhahaha

cmk said...

The sleeping thing is just crazy--and doesn't seem to be working itself out. I don't know what to think, but it is getting very annoying.

Being at the game with K tonight was the first time we have been with each other for a sustained time, while awake, for many, many days. If he works through Saturday--which he should, and beyond--his first check in April will be for 211 hours. Thankfully, this IS short-term. It does make it easier when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oh, Alice--what can I say about him? I'm getting quite a bit of good-natured grief from my girls about this one. The Oldest says seeing the Killer album in my collection is what made her the way she is today--AND that she probably should be in therapy because of it. ;) (This was the album that had the fold-out picture of Alice hanging from a noose.)

janet: The temp today barely reached 20 and we had snow showers. NOT the storm I predicted, but it still WILL come. Even K, who says I live my life in pessimism (which is true), agrees that we will have at least one more storm for the year. This is WAY too early for us to have spring.

meleah: I don't even know if 'mad' can come close to what I've been feeling all season long. Everything has been such a disappointment--mainly because of all of the injuries they sustained throughout most of the year. Even my Baby Boy was out for a couple of months because of a broken wrist. Thankfully, he FINALLY is on a line that is getting hot just as the playoffs are on the horizon--he has played just great and his numbers are improving in leaps and bounds! This is certainly giving me a happy! :D