Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am a math geek. Let me restate that: I am a HUGE math geek. I do differential equations and solve equations with complex numbers for fun. I love quadratic equations and polynomials. The most fun I have had is when I could use at least two sheets of notebook paper to solve an algebra problem. Pure heaven.

I took four years of math in high school. I can solve algebra problems with very little difficulty, but I can't do everyday math. I can't add numbers in my head, I have trouble remembering my multiplication tables, and it is almost impossible for me to figure out percentages. K is the genius when it comes to everyday, practical math, yet he wants to defer to me whenever it comes to doing our taxes. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! My first summer job lasted six weeks. I did my income taxes by myself. I screwed the whole thing up so badly--AND sent the screwed up forms in--that I vowed to NEVER have anything to do with income taxes ever again. I have kept my promise.

For the past 15? 20? years, we have gone to a tax preparer to do our taxes. He has always done very well for us. Okay, we paid way too much since no longer being able to use the long-form, but at least they got done and they got done correctly. For the last couple of years, K has made noises about doing the taxes 'ourselves.' I don't know if he really understands that 'ourselves' means HIMSELF, but he went out and bought a copy of TurboTax. I installed the program on the computer and told him that is the last I want to know about our taxes. He spent over three hours working at the computer. When he left the computer room, I asked him how it went. He just mumbled at me. I have a feeling he just wasted $50+.

But I will NOT say "I told you so."


meleah rebeccah said...

Um. Can you please do all of my math for me? And, for the rest of my life? Because I cant seem to add 2+2 with a calculator!

cmk said...

I'll solve all of your equations, just don't expect me to be able to do any of your 'math.' ;) Believe me, I pretty much need a calculator to add 2+2--but imaginary numbers? YUMMY! :D

Anonymous said...

I just don't have the brain for math. I think it's fascinating that you can do complex equations but have trouble with simple math.

Don't tell anyone but I use my fingers to count when I can't find a calculator!

cmk said...

Part of the problem with not being able to do the practical math, is that I really wasn't TAUGHT to. K took the 'practical math' class in high school and I took the 'college prep' courses--and, of course, they taught very different things.

I won't tell anyone that you count on your fingers if you don't tell anyone that I count on my fingers! ;) Hey, fingers were invented way before calculators! :D

Anonymous said...

and fingers never need batteries or solar recharging!

cmk said...

So true, so true.