Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Owl Box

So, as if I don't spend enough time on the computer, I now have a new fascination. Someone in California put a video camera in an owl nest box and there now is streaming video of her and the five eggs she has laid. I could just watch this all day long! Anyway, if you want to see a little bit of nature that you probably don't get a chance to see very often, here is the link.

Free video chat by Ustream


Anonymous said...

I see a black screen, apparently other people can't see the video either. Fascinating concept, though-and like you, I really need more ways to spend time on the Internet! :-p

cmk said...

I guess the system crashed and that is why everything was black. Seems as if all is working well again--and should continue. One of the eggs hatched while the system was down, but with four left to go, people should be able to watch.