Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hockey will always be my favorite sport, but I am quickly becoming more than a little fond of baseball.  As a kid, I used to watch baseball, as well as hockey.  After coming back to sports, I started watching baseball a short time after reconnecting with hockey.  It is a good pastime during the hockey off-season.

Many people think that baseball is a very boring game.  I, however, think it is a great game for summer--and describes summer perfectly.  It is laid-back and slow with periodic moments of frenzied activity--just exactly like the season.  Sitting and socializing while in the stands, watching the field whenever something is happening, is a great activity for a summer evening.  I only wish I could be closer to Detroit so that I could get to a game or three.

For some reason, the rules and nuances of baseball aren't coming to me.  Hockey came so easy for me--I can see penalties and call the different shots pretty well.  With baseball, I want everything to be as simple as it was when I was a child:  the ball is thrown, someone swings, it is either a hit or a strike, and that's about it.  But I haven't actively tried to learn anymore about the game, either.  I just like being very passive about the game--after all, it IS summer, so I don't want to strain myself.  ;)

One thing that absolutely drives me crazy about baseball is the fact that the players touch themselves so much.  Every time I see that, I can only think "If your equipment isn't fitting well enough that you constantly need to adjust, please find some that fits!"  :D  This is something that you just don't see in hockey--but I guess it would be hard to 'adjust' with the amount of padding that hockey players wear.  Hockey players spit and blow their noses--and that is enough to make me cringe.  And, I don't watch any other sports, so I don't know if it happens elsewhere.  Maybe it's a female thing, but I don't need to see that.


meleah rebeccah said...

"One thing that absolutely drives me crazy about baseball is the fact that the players touch themselves so much. "

That drives me nuts too. I dont understand why they do that SO MUCH. I mean are the uniforms THAT itchy?

Oh, and I REALLY hate all the spitting they do in baseball too. Yuck!

cmk said...

The spitting I'm used to, as hockey players do it, too. But I swear, if a boy touched himself that much in school, the parents AND a social worker AND a psychologist would be called! I guess I'd have to find some guy who has played baseball to explain it to me, cause I don't understand it.