Monday, September 27, 2010

I Really Didn't Lie

Ever since the 'Do Not Call' list came into being, I don't get nearly as many of 'those' calls that I used to.  And, with Caller ID, I wouldn't even have to answer the majority of those calls that still come through to the house.  But, there are some problems that I continue to have and I wind up answering my share of those calls.

First, I NEED my reading glasses to see the Caller ID displays--and I don't wear my readers all of the time.  So, I don't always know who is calling.  Also, every one of our Caller ID displays will show a number in a different way;  one display will say "Number Unavailable" and another will say "Unknown Caller."  I just never know if it is a call I want to answer.  Sometimes, I may be bored or just not have much to do, so I will take one of these calls.  If it is a survey, I may answer the questions--after all, it just takes a few minutes.  And, there are times when the display comes up a bit funky when 'privacy' is an issue:  As in, when my mail order pharmacy calls.  All of these factors go a long way toward my answering enough calls that most people wouldn't.  I got one of those calls tonight.

Of course, I didn't have my glasses on, so I answered the phone when it rang.  With the baby just getting home, I don't want to miss a call that The Oldest may make--and with K at work, I never know when he might call.  Anyway, this is the way the call went:

ME:  Hello.
MAN:  Hello.  May I speak with a head of the household, please.
ME:  I'm sorry, but no one is available.
MAN:   How about you, ma'am?
ME:  Oh, I'm only the caretaker here.
MAN:  Thank you.
(phone hangs up)

I believe that was the easiest time I have EVER had getting away from an unwelcome, possible solicitor call.  And I didn't have to lie!  :D


ordinaryjanet said...

I've told my mom to say she's the cleaning lady!

Mom gets way fewer calls since she signed up on the No Call list. But once in a while she'll get someone wanting to speak to my dad who's been dead for almost 25 years, I've told her to give them the number of the cemetery but she won't do that. ;-)

cmk said...

I've wanted to say "He/she can't come to the phone because he/she's dead," but I'm WAY too superstitious for that. :D

Yeah, I LOVE the way people never fall off of lists. We still are getting mail for both of our girls--and neither has lived here for over ten years. The oldest has been gone for over 15! Thankfully, we really don't get phone calls for them--probably because they weren't adults when they left.

meleah rebeccah said...

NICE!! I always tell the telemarketer "She's away in Italy for the next six months." With any luck ONE DAY that might become true!

cmk said...

I NEVER thought of the vacation angle! I'll have to use that some day. :)