Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tiny Rant!

Why in the world do I have problems with the formatting on this blog?  There are some bugs that crop up now and then--NOT always, so you can't duplicate them and complain--just sometimes.  It is rather annoying.


ordinaryjanet said...

well, Wordpress isn't a breeze either! Guess we just have to roll with the bugs and hope someone fixes them. Does Blogger have a user forum? Maybe you can find something to help there.

cmk said...

I guess I'm not worried enough to actually search for a fix--and I don't know if anyone but ME would even notice the wacky formatting. I'm just too OCD and want perfection, so I get a bit frustrated when Blogger doesn't do EXACTLY what I want every single time. ;) But, I'm *glad* to know it isn't just Blogger. Maybe it's just the interwebs. :D

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