Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Vacation, Part 3

By the time Monday rolled around, we had done everything that had been planned.  I really wasn't in the mood to go back to the MoA and have to deal with all of the people, so we decided to go to the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory.  And we couldn't have decided on a better place to spend the day.

The Como Park consists of 300+ acres in the city of St Paul.  We managed to see the zoo, the conservatory, and the Japanese garden.  If I lived there, I would be at this place weekly.  I couldn't imagine a greater place to spend an afternoon than sitting in the sunken garden, surrounded by flowers and fountains, reading a book.  It is really a marvelous place--and the admission price is a 'suggested' $2.00 per adult DONATION, $1.00 per child.  And if you can't afford that amount, you still are not denied entrance.  And what's even cooler still:  The park is open 365 days a year.

Of course, I took an enormous amount of pictures here.  I'm not too sure my family is thrilled about my picture taking--they always seem to be waiting for me to catch up with them.  I think I should go to our destination ahead of everyone else and have them catch up an hour or two later.  This way, I won't keep everyone waiting to get to the next attraction.  ;)  But, I digress.

I will do multiple posts about the park--this was I won't put anyone into picture overload.  The first batch of pics are from the zoo.  Enjoy.

While the zoo isn't very large, by any means, it does house quite a diverse number of animals.  They have large cats and wolves, seals and penguins, primates and birds, polar bears and hoofed animals.  Because of the design of zoos these days--the desire to make them more and more 'natural'--it isn't as easy to take pictures as it used to be.  But here goes:

The primate house:

I'm not sure WHY this female orangutan was sitting like this, but it was very amusing to see her staring at her reflection in the glass--with her blanket over her head.

'Normal' African wildlife:

Some birds:

This ostrich was NOT dead--just sleeping!

Mama giraffe:

And her baby:

The tiger was very pretty--I was amazed at the lack of a belly flap.

And the lady lion was just way too tuckered out to care about anyone else--she just was enjoying her nap.

A typical longhorn sheep:

Bison are so much bigger than you realize:  until you are up close.

This picture amused me to no end.  The seal/sea lion (don't know which it was) was sleeping up against the wall--just as if he/she was put in 'time out' for some transgression.

And I don't REALLY have to go far from home in order to see Mallards, but I LOVE flamingos, so I had to take these.

Next on the list:  The Conservatory.


meleah rebeccah said...

ya know...I've never been to a zoo! I love the photos. I'd love to be that up close [and yet still safe] to a tiger!

cmk said...

Zoos are another of my 'musts' whenever we are near one. Being able to get that up close and personal to creatures that you wouldn't see otherwise, is awesome. And it gives such a great understanding of their size, as opposed to seeing them on TV. Yeah, zoos are great fun.

Anonymous said...

wonder what the primate in the first photo is? I've never seen one like that before.

Love the "dead" ostrich-I've never seen one sleeping!

cmk said...

I believe the first picture is of a tamarin. There are different kinds, but most of them DO have the mustaches.

I'm not sure if ostriches sleep like that all the time, but it was quite funny to see. :D