Friday, September 24, 2010

Just A Short...

Instead of getting back to my vacation posts, real life seems to have interfered.  So, here goes...

The other night I was sitting in the kitchen, when I started to hear a noise.  Now, that isn't unusual, as I ALWAYS hear noises, but this one actually turned out to be real.  (And other noises WERE real--they just were connected to what was going on, but we didn't know it then.)  Anyway, after searching, I realized the refrigerator was 'counting down like a time bomb'--you know, "TICK...TICK...TICK..."  I didn't think that was good, so I woke K to come and take a look-see at what was going on.  After a short inspection, he figured that the compressor was trying to start, but was stuck.  So, he unplugged the fridge, called work and said he wasn't coming in the next day, and we waited for a bit before plugging back in.  The noise came back and he tried the same thing several times.  Finally, the fridge started and the noise was gone.  That was the good news.  The bad news?  The fridge wouldn't cycle, so it just continued to cool until the refrigerator compartment got in the 30* range.  Not really good.  So, we knew we were going to need a repair or new fridge...

The next day, K went to talk to the repairman and came home with a $200 circuit board, which he replaced himself.  It seems to have done the job, as the fridge is NOW working better than it has for over a year.  (And THAT is what I've been hearing for so long:  The circuit board going bad.)  Unfortunately, we bought this thing less than five years ago, after having our first one almost 30 years.  I guess they don't make things like they used to.  :(

And because of the refrigerator issue, yesterday I found myself making phone calls that I have been putting off.  The first one I HAD to make was about my Enbrel.  It is supposed to be stored in temps no lower than 36*--and the fridge went down to 30.  After THREE attempts at getting an answer, it was determined that it was still viable.  Thank goodness.  Even though I only have two doses left, it would have been a shame to have to destroy them.  The rest of the phone calls weren't anything to write about, but they kept me busy yesterday.

Of course, one of the things that is, and will be, taking up my time, is hockey.  Yes people, the season is about to begin!  We have had the first pre-season game already, and the second one is tonight.  My life is laid out for me for the next 7+ months--and I couldn't be happier!  :)  I WILL have to start planning just HOW to use that time, however, as the new TV season has started, too.  I have been busy recording everything I MAY want to continue watching, and have had to spend way too much time keeping up.  By the end of October, I should have my shows all planned--and I should have eliminated the duds by then.

Then yesterday, I was doing laundry--too late, as usual--and went to get the last load out of the dryer around 9:00 PM.  I only got halfway down the basement stairs when I saw 'something' flying.  I believe it was a bat.  I didn't stay to find out.  By the time K got downstairs, nothing was found--of course--but it put me back to feeling like I was two months ago after the LAST time a bat was in the house.  I wish we could figure out just where these damn things are coming in!

And our granddaughter is STILL in the NICU.  She seems to be doing very well for 36+ hours, but then she doesn't want to eat on her own, so she needs them to feed her through the feeding tube--and this puts her back to the '48 hours before she can go home,' again.  The Oldest is getting very frustrated, but the hospital holds all of the power in this, so she has to try and be patient.  It doesn't help that she hasn't been able to be here, because she has a cold--and the NICU won't let ANYONE in that isn't 100% healthy.  And you can't blame them.  This is why I haven't been to see the baby--I have the stuffy, runny nose thing going and am not sure if I have allergies going on (which I'm sure is the case) or getting a cold.  And believe me, you DON'T want to go to the NICU and sniffle, sneeze, or cough!  You know the saying "If looks could kill?"  THAT is mild compared to the way you are treated if they suspect you are sick.  So I, too, will wait to see the babe.

So, that is what has been happening for the last few days.  I will get back to the vacation pictures ASAP.  And I STILL haven't forgotten about my post about the NOOK--that will come, too.  I just have to finish writing it.  ;)


Anonymous said...

Circuit board? for a fridge? are they run on computers now? and since it's 5 years old, I assume the warranty ran out a few days before the noise started.

I guess you'll be doing laundry in the daylight hours now, huh? I've always wondered what bats do in the winter, if they hibernate, fly south or whatever. Someday I'll look it up.

Hope the baby improves soon!

cmk said...

Yeah, I guess everything is run by computers these days--even our appliances.

I haven't been in the basement since I saw the 'flying thingy.' {shudder} I asked K what bats do in the winter and he said "go to (a town 50 miles away)." I guess they have a huge bat-cave there and a lot of bats from the UP winter there. I'm only hoping that none winter in my basement! :(

And the baby is going home today! Such good news. :)