Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Least I Understood It ;)

You know when someone tells you that you DON'T need to express every single thought you have? Well, that is exactly what I should have remembered before I wrote my last post. I was very amused by my thought and it should have stayed there. And I am sure I might possibly be the only person in the world to find it humorous--and there are not a whole lot of people that would actually understand the remark, either. It just was a funny play on words and doesn't really mean anything.

If you have to explain a joke, then it can't possibly be funny. Here is the explanation: According to The Complete Hockey Dictionary, a 'deke' is defined as a "feint or fake; deceptive move designed to draw an opponent out of position or to skate by an opponent while maintaining control of the puck." Pavel Datsyuk is one of the best at the deke, hence the 'Datsyukian deke.' We all understand 'Freudian slip.' As I said, a funny play on words, nothing more.

And now I will stop with a promise to post something a bit more mainstream next time! :) (However, I will not promise it will be funnier. ;))


meleah rebeccah said...

Aw. You dont have to get all mainstream for 'our' benefit.

I can see why that remark (last blog post) amused you.

(now that you explained it to me!)


cmk said...

See, my mind doesn't NECESSARILY wander into strange, uncharted territories--at least they CAN be explained. :D

meleah rebeccah said...