Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wings 6, Blackhawks 5--A Shootout Win

Saturday's game was quite strange--you don't usually see the Wings' games have so many goals scored. The entire night was a bit weird--all teams played and there were many scores that were a bit unusual.

Once again, the Wings didn't play a good 60 minute game, but that wasn't the entire problem. The reffing was atrocious--too many calls on the Wings and too many penalties overlooked against the 'Hawks. I hope this doesn't mean this year will be as bad as last was. But, they 'found a way to win'--that is just WAAAAY too overused already and the season has just begun--and came back from a 3-1 deficit at the start of the third. Hossa continues with his scoring--he even got the winning goal in the shootout. Datsyuk finally got his first for the year.

A few things from the game:

--Lilja played. Now, that isn't anything that should be shocking--after all, he IS a regular. The shocking part is that he had an appendectomy on TUESDAY! I KNOW that hockey players are tough, but this is pure craziness.

--Franzen collided with a Blackhawk knee-on-knee and had to leave the game. No word yet on whether it is a long-term injury. Hope it is minor and he can get back in the line-up soon.

--The jerseys that will be worn for the Winter Classic were revealed tonight--and I WANT ONE! The jerseys are a retro-design--the inspiration is the one worn circa 1926-27. I'll have to see how much they will cost before I make the decision. Here is a picture--being modeled by Chris Chelios:

The Wings continue to be on the road through 2 November--they start the west coast swing on Monday in LA. This is their longest road trip of the year--good to get it out of the way early. Then they will have five days to rest up before their next game on 8 November. I think they will be happy if they can win two of the next four games, but will always hope to win all of them!

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