Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wings 5-Thrashers 3

Finally the Wings actually played the way they CAN and SHOULD--although they only did it for 40 minutes. Yeah, they had a good lead going there and ran into penalty problems in the final period and lost that 4-1 lead. But, 'they found a way to win.' Oh, well. Z and Hossa were playing great--they both got two goals each! BOTH goals Hossa scored were fantastic, but the first one shows the reason he is being paid $7+ million for the year. Here is the video of the goal:


--We didn't get to the game last night, but the Rangers won 6-4--would have been nice to see. Next home game, hopefully K will be off so that we CAN go. :)

Time to sign off--the Wings and Blackhawks are playing tonight and the puck will be dropped in just a few minutes. GO WINGS!

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