Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I Suppose I Should Grow Up

Today, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve--and all because of the start of hockey season. Good grief. It's only a GAME for crying out loud! But what a game. :)

Almost every analyst/expert says that the Wings have the best chance to repeat as champions since the last team to do so in 1998--which also happened to be the Wings. The amount of talent on this team is scary. The first two lines are so good that they are being called line 1a and 1b. The third line--which VF will be centering--is good enough to be the second line on almost every other team and quite possibly the number one line on more than a few. Three players just had to be sent down to Grand Rapids--because of salary cap and roster numbers--and Babcock has said he never has had such talented players be assigned to the minors before. The possibilities of different line combinations with this much talent has grown men wetting themselves. And I can't wait till the puck is dropped tomorrow night. It will be the first time to see the entire team out there and see how the chemistry is with the new guy.

Of course, all of the predictions and speculation are based on what looks good on paper. While every player is as talented as everyone thinks--or more so--there still are all of the unpredictable things that can happen to derail a good team. Unfortunate puck bounces, injuries, bad reffing, a player having a 'bad year,' or any number of other things can go wrong and the Wings will be down and out as fast as other Cup winners have been the following year. *cough* Anaheim *cough* But I can still hope.

So, tomorrow night at 7:00 PM I will be sitting in front of the TV, wearing one of my jerseys, waiting for the puck to drop so that I can cheer on the Detroit Red Wings to another great year. Hopefully I will have a lot to be happy about next June. :)


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