Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Ramble

Just when I was feeling a bit smug over the fact that we got a record 2.2" of snow for the day on Monday, the eastern US decided to get 1'+ dumped on it last night/today! WOW! And I thought I lived in the Great White North. ;)


I have been feeling a bit off for the past few days and there is only one explanation: The Father's birthday party is on Saturday. I REALLY don't want to go, but that isn't an option anymore--too late for me to come up with an excuse. I guess I have to just suck it up and get through the weekend--then all I have to be depressed about is the 'season.'


Yes, it is that time of year again. As I have said over and over again, I wish I could go to sleep sometime around Thanksgiving--depending on when my birthday falls, of course--and not wake up until after the new year. While things aren't as bad lately--A and her husband have been coming home for Christmas--I still hate the season.


It actually looks as if the weather might cooperate for Halloween this year. The temp should be in the mid- to upper-40s and it shouldn't rain. Of course, the year we might actually get kids at our house, we will be out of town. Bummer.

********** has posted all of the stuff for the Winter Classic game and I WANT!! Unfortunately, NHL. com rips you off big-time--the prices are pretty outrageous. The blank 'authentic' jerseys are going for $350. But if you want it customized with a player's name and number--or if you are a REAL dipshit, your own name--you have to add $80! YOWZA! I can get a Datsyuk or Z jersey--NON-authentic--for $220 or a blank for $150. Decisions, decisions. I WILL be getting a winter knit hat for $20 and a T-shirt--anywhere from $20-$37, depending on which one I decide on--but, damn, it is a lot of money.


When we were at the hockey game last week, there were several things that stood out for me--and none of them were hockey related!

--College kids these days are NO smarter than we were when we were that age. We happened to be surrounded by a bunch of college students and, while they weren't rowdy or anything, they WERE very fixated on where to go after the game to 'get wasted.' One girl told a guy, "Well, we will go to ______ and if you aren't there, we will go to ______ and then ______ to find you." Of course, '______' were local bars.

--A good percentage of the people--mostly women--were at the game to 'see' and 'be seen.' While the price of admission wasn't that much, I wonder about people who would 'waste' that much time going to an event and not be interested in it at all. This, of course, cut into MY enjoyment of the game--and we KNOW it is ALL about ME--because I had trouble following the game at times. I was ready to do a bit of bitch-slapping--K wouldn't allow that--because I was there to see some good hockey and I was disturbed. STAY AT HOME THE NEXT TIME--let the rest of us enjoy the damn game!

--Too many people should NOT have children. I couldn't believe the amount of kids that were running wild at the game. I am wondering if the parents just dropped these kids off and let them there by themselves. I was waiting for one of the kids to fall down the steps and crack open a head--and I saw NO parent looking for them. Really, if you have children, you should look after them--especially during a public event.


Hunting season starts in a couple of weeks, so that means I have to start 'stocking up.' I HATE going to the grocery store during hunting season--all you find there are men wandering around trying to shop for hunting camp. These are the same men who wouldn't know what a grocery store is the other 50 weeks of the year, so it makes it hard for the rest of us who try to shop. But, I manage to get good stories from the experience, so...


Also with hunting season, K will have the opportunity to put in some overtime. It always comes at a good time, with Christmas just around the corner. Not that we have an overly long Christmas shopping list, but it certainly helps.


meleah rebeccah said...

You will be fine No you will be GREAT at the party.

I totally RELATE to wanting to hibernate from now until January.


cmk said...

I KNOW I will do fine at the party. The anticipation ALWAYS is worse than the actual execution. And I always have an out if things go south: K and I can get up and leave! Simple as that. ;)

With my hatred of the holidays, hibernating is ALWAYS a great thought. Still, I think I could manage the holiday season much better if K and I went away on vacation around and during 25 December--preferably someplace that doesn't celebrate Christmas. I could handle that. :)