Saturday, January 10, 2009

Before I Start Doing Something...

An extremely slow start to the day--here it is, almost 5:30 PM and I have done NOTHING! But, that isn't really that unusual as K is on night shift and I don't start anything till he goes to work. I do have a busy night planned.

The Wings play the Sabres at home tonight. Hopefully they will come out strong--Miller has been playing very well for them lately and EVERY goalie that plays against the Wings puts in an All-Star performance! Buffalo played last night, so the Wings may be able to use their tiredness to their advantage. GO WINGS!!!

The Weather Channel is saying that we will be going into an arctic freeze here next week. The temps are supposed to be below zero and the wind chills will be -20 to -30 or lower. This should prove VERY interesting--it will give us a good idea just how good the Envoy is. We DON'T have a garage, so our vehicles really take a lot of abuse with our weather. I'm waiting to see how many schools will be closed due to the cold.

With the cold weather, I'm starting to crave my 'go-to' cold weather food. Tonight I'm making a pot of beef stew and plan on doing pea soup and chili in the next few days. I like making big batches of all three and putting containers in the freezer for K to take to work. If I make enough, he can have meals way into the summer! Now that's a plan.

C is having a belated birthday party for the youngest today--she turned a year old last Saturday. And, believe it or not, C IS NOT PREGNANT. Well, not that I know of, anyway. ;)

After not going to the tanning booth since October? November? I started back this week. Not only do I need to do this for my skin so I can possibly wear short/shorter sleeved tops in Florida, but I need the color if I'm going to be in the sun there. I don't burn, but I definitely can turn pink when I am in Florida--something that I can't achieve anywhere else. K said today that he will have to go to the tanning salon to prepare, also. I wanted to laugh, but didn't dare. Not only is he the whitest Finn I have ever seen, he has freckles to boot. So, that makes him whiter than white. The man has NEVER tanned in his entire life--he usually burns, peels, burns, peels. I think he would just be better off KNOWING he will need to wear a shirt while we are on vacation.

I guess I will have to get going here and actually START doing something rather than just talking about it. Now, do I start the stew first, the laundry first, or the cleaning first? Hmmmm, maybe I'll just eat something first! ;) I'll be back later!


meleah rebeccah said...

Split Pea Soup is MY FAVORITE

cmk said...

I got the pea soup done last night and it turned out SOOOOOO good! I now have two dinner meals in the freezer--chili and pea soup--and NINE meals for K for work. I have a new freezer, so I HAVE to keep it filled!