Monday, January 12, 2009


Okay, someone needs to take out the Blackhawks. Tonight I accidentally heard an interview with a 'Hawk player after they beat Nashville 3-1--with the third goal being an empty-netter--and you would have thought the league just handed them the Cup for the next ten years! He actually had the nerve to put the team in the same realm as the Wings and was bragging on what an 'elite' team the 'Hawks are. It was quite disgusting. This, from a team that has ONLY won the Cup 3 times EVER--the last time in 1961. (Of course, Detroit has won a total of ELEVEN times.) Chicago hasn't been in the finals since 1992--and Detroit has won the Cup FOUR times since then. For crying out loud, the 'Hawks haven't even been in the playoffs since 2002--which they lost in the quarterfinals--and before that they didn't make the playoffs since 1997. The Wings have been in the playoffs for the past 17 years. Those upstart 'Hawks don't need to be doing any swelled-head bragging until they have ANY kind of impressive record. And don't forget, the Wings OWNED the 'Hawks on 30 December and 1 January!

At this point, I will want ANYONE to beat Chicago. I will even root for Analhei...--excuse me--ANAheim to win over them. Yep, even the Cluc...--excuse me--DUCKS will have my support. Let's all say it: You're going DOWN 'Hawks!!!

That is all--you can now go back to your lives. I am done. ;)

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