Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Boy

Last night I crashed on the couch around 10:00 and didn't wake up till 8:00 this morning. I'm sure I was exhausted from not getting much sleep the past two nights--THANK YOU my furry little friend--but it also could have something to do with being seriously depressed over the way the Wings played. (Is this the way the Islander, Senator, and even Penguin fans feel? My heart bleeds for you! Well, NOT the Penguin fans...) Anyway, the loss last night makes four in a row and that is NOT good.

While watching the game, there almost seems to be a bit of a frustration on the part of the Wings. It might not be too bad of a feeling for them to have--they are always saying how 'relaxed and calm' the dressing room is and how 'they always KNOW they can win,' but they need to pull their heads out of their asses already and get serious. After all, half of the season is over with!

Don't know if the frustration is part of it, but there seemed to be a little more 'pissiness' to some of the Wings last night. Datsyuk looked ready to fight--he DID do a face-wash and some pushing and shoving. My Baby Boy was hitting--or at least what looked like hits from him--and even got into a pushing match, which is SO not like him. Maybe this might help the team lift their level of play. Hopefully.

On another note: Zetterberg DID sign his contract and will remain a Red Wing for his entire career. The contract is for 12 years at a little over $75 million. They managed to fix things so that the cap hit with his salary will only be around $6 million a year, so Holland can do his magic and sign one or two more high-priced guys. It will be interesting. I only wish Z would fix his wonky back and get back in the line-up--and soon.

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